Teaser: The Hot Nurse

I just finished up my latest story and of course I have to share.

THN Cover

At about four p.m., things were winding down for the day. I went into Doctor Pierce’s office to pick up his notes and found him in there with Bennet and Lambert. My pussy grew wet at the sight of the three of them.

“There she is,” Doctor Pierce said. “There was a cancelation, so we’re done for the day.” He walked up to me, and I saw that his cock was beginning to jut forward in his pants.

“Can you think of anything that we could do with this free time?” he said.

“I know a few things,” I murmured.

He slowly unzipped my dress, exposing one of my shoulders for Doctor Lambert to kiss. Then the white nursing uniform was puddled at my feet and he was working on my bra and my underwear. Soon I was completely naked.

“You’re even more delicious than I thought,” Doctor Lambert said. He pulled me over to him, his tongue working its way around my body…

Whew! And that’s only the beginning! After just writing it, I’m going to need an iceberg to cool off!

Have a fun weekend.

❤ Aurora


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