Teaser: Looking For A Good Time

OMG such news. Because it’s my birthday, I’m releasing a new mega-bundle! That’s eleven stories bundled together for an ultra low price. PLUS a bonus, never before released story all for you!

Here’s a taste of that extra story, MY SUMMER INTERNSHIP:

One of his hands rested high on my leg. My pussy was already warm. There was no way I was saying no.

I leaned over and kissed him, my tongue darting into his mouth and dancing with his. He pulled me to my feet and pushed me up against the wall hard enough to make the room shake. The people down the hall, my dad included, must have heard the noise, but thankfully no one came to investigate. The last thing I wanted was him walking in the room while I was getting the fuck of my life.

I didn’t have to worry about him anymore. There was only this man, who I had just met, and his strong, rough hands pushing up my skirt to get to my pussy. He didn’t even let me take my panties off, just tore them away.

He kissed my neck, my shoulders, my chest. In one smooth motion he unzipped my dress and pulled it down so my tits spilled out. They were nicely sized, the nipples pink and erect. His tongue slid over one and made me shiver.

I grabbed his head. “Like that. Do it again.”

“Believe me, there will be lots more.”

He puckered his lips around my other nipple and sucked on it until I moaned. I never knew it could feel that good. Then he pulled me away from the wall and pushed me down on the bed. He spread my legs wide and dove in.

He nibbled up the inside of my thigh. Then he was at my pussy, his tongue circling around my clit. Waves of pleasure coursed through my body. No man had ever touched me in that way.

Woo! It’s getting steamy in here! Look out for this and more on Tuesday!

❤ Aurora


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