Latest Release: My Hot Professor

I love new release day! Check out the blurb from MY HOT PROFESSOR:

It’s just a crush–so Sidney keeps telling herself. She can’t help but lust after her deliciously hot college professor.

But one drunken night she ends up hitting on Professor Hart. To her dismay, he brushes her off…at least, in public. In private, he’s been lusting after her as well and things are about to come together in an explosion of ecstasy…

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I love these sort-of taboo relationships. Get it now!

❤ Aurora

Teaser: My Hot Professor

Here’s a snippet from next week’s book in case you need something to tide you over.

Sidney couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It had to be a prank. Or maybe a hallucination.

“So,” he said. “Would you like to fuck like animals? You haven’t changed your mind, have you?”

“No!” she exclaimed.

“Good. Then get over here.”

She got to her feet, feeling so unsteady that she had to brace herself on his desk. Then he was in front of her, his strong arms wrapping around her body. This time she was sure that the huge rod pressing against her was his cock.

We shouldn’t be doing this, she thought. It was wrong for a professor to get involved with a student. It was right there in the student manual.

The hand on her shoulder slid down her back to her ass, cupping it as he pulled her towards him. The feelings of wrongness dissipated and Sidney rested her hands on his firm, muscled chest. Her pussy tingled.

“You told me you were a virgin,” he said. “Do you want me to show you what sex is like? Do you want me to make you feel amazing?”

“Yes…” she moaned, trembling in his arms.

He yanked her shirt up and off her head while she grappled with the buckle to his belt. He flicked off her bra, exposing her breasts and her hard, puckered nipples. He began kissing around them, his tongue running across, nibbling gently at the soft curves. Then he wrapped his lips around her nipple and furiously sucked on it. Sidney gasped and leaned back against his desk.

Professor Hart stood upright, removing the rest of his clothes and then shoving the various books and things off of his desk. He lifted her up onto it and kissed her long and deeply as he pulled down her pants.

“I’ll make you feel things you never imagined,” he whispered in his ear. Just his breath tickling against her made her shiver.

Whew, I’m getting hot! It’ll be out next Tuesday!

❤ Aurora

Latest Release: Over Her Head

I have a new bundle out! Three hot stories for one great price. Just read the blurb:

Three hot stories about three girls who have gotten in way over their heads and are realizing just how much fun it is.

There’s hunky alpha males, there’s sex, there’s nothing but good times. Pick up this bundle today!

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Get it now!

❤ Aurora

Teaser: Over Her Head

Next week’s release is another bundle, three hot stories at one hot price. These girls are in in way over their heads. But don’t worry. They’re going to find out just how much they love it.

Here’s a sneak peek:

“You think I haven’t noticed the way you look at me?” he said.

Her cheeks flushed a deep crimson. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“You know exactly what I mean,” he said, stalking up to her. His eyes were a light brown, almost amber, and they blazed out at her. The intensity made her heart skip a beat. Or several.

Mia tried to come up with something, anything that could excuse her behavior. But her tongue was as helpless as she was as he pushed her up against the wall, his hands running all over her body.

“We… we shouldn’t,” she said as his hands ran up underneath her skirt and caressed her thighs.

“Why not?”

“I could get in trouble. Someone could walk in on us.” The words came out in a rush. Her pussy was wet and dripping and she wanted to cry out.

“All the better,” he whispered into her ear.

One hand roughly yanked her blouse up, exposing her bra and her soft, white stomach. He pulled it down to get at her breasts, running his tongue over them and making her shiver.

You don’t even know his name! some prudish part of her called out. But Mia found that with all that pleasure running through her body, she really didn’t care.

He began pushing her down to her knees. She briefly looked over at the unlocked door but then lost all track of it when he pulled out his cock. It was huge and thick and she wasn’t sure how it was supposed to fit in her mouth.

“Hurry up and take it,” he said. “We haven’t got all day.”

I can’t wait to see where this goes, and I wrote it!

Available next Tuesday!

❤ Aurora

Latest Release: Home For The Summer

My latest story is out! It features another hot alpha male, my personal favorite ;). If summer’s not hot enough for you, pick up HOME FOR THE SUMMER now. Just check out this blurb:

Kira is home for the summer and ready for trouble. The only problem is when she’s forced to work for her demanding, but panty-wettingly hot, neighbor.

There’s a million other things she’d rather do, but he’s determined to make her work. On her knees, getting covered in dirt. Kira doesn’t like to admit how turned on it makes her. And Mr. Colson as some other jobs in mind for her…

This book features bdsm and a controlling alpha male. If that’s your thing, enjoy!

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Hope you love it.

❤ Aurora

Teaser: Home For The Summer

Yes, I have another story! This one is pretty sweet. I know, I say that every time. But I always mean it. I’d never release a story that didn’t get me off.

Anyway, here’s the teaser:

“I’ll give you a choice,” Mr. Colson went on. “Go home and tell your parents how you’ve abused my trust and invaded my personal space to gratify yourself, or submit to my punishment. So, Kira. What will it be?”

I didn’t even want to imagine what my parents’ reactions would be. Dad would never look at me as his princess again. And Mom would probably lock me in my room until I turned thirty.

I had no choice. That’s what I told myself.

“Fine,” I said. “I’ll do what you want.”

A grin spread across his face. “Which is? I need you to say it.”

“I’ll submit to your punishment.” I couldn’t look him in the eye as I said it.


He took me by the hand and pulled me upstairs, through his bedroom to the secret room at the end of the hall. Everything felt different when I went in this time. The way the leather straps looked impossible to escape from. And those leather riding crops looked like they stung.

My pussy was getting moist. Why was I so turned on by all this?

“Take off your clothes,” Mr. Colson said.

As I proceeded to remove my shirt, my shorts, my underwear, I thought of how I had fantasized about him saying that very thing to me. But I never imagined that it would actually happen.

Once I was naked, he moved over to the side of the room and pulled out a large, cushioned hassock. Except there were straps at each of its four corners. I didn’t need to ask to know what that was for.

And it only gets better from there. Get ready for it. HOME FOR THE SUMMER will be out next Tuesday!

❤ Aurora

New Release: I’ll Do Anything

I love Tuesdays! My latest story is out, and it’s a hot one! Here’s the blurb:

Shannon will do anything for her husband. And when his job is on the line, the only way for her to save him may be to get on her back and spread her legs for his bosses.

If she wants to help him, Shannon is going to have to do whatever it takes. She’s just a simple teacher, but she is going to have to swallow her pride. Plus a whole lot more!

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I hope you love it as much as I do!

❤ Aurora

Teaser: I’ll Do Anything

Time for a little taste of what’s to come! Here’s an excerpt from my latest story, I’LL DO ANYTHING:

A wide grin spread across Darren’s face, the hungry grin of a man who’s been waiting for a good meal.

He pushed Shannon back against the house, his lips on her face while his hands explored under her dress. Her pussy was moist already. It had been four months since she had sex and it didn’t take much to rev her up.

A finger slipped underneath her panties and pressed against her clit. Shannon let out a moan, looking back towards the house to make sure no one heard her. The balcony door was empty of anyone searching for the source of the frantic gasps and groans. Or maybe it was something they expected to hear.

Darren knelt down in front of her, his head going underneath his skirt and his hand pushing her panties out of the way so his mouth could get to her wet, dripping pussy. He lapped up all her juices, his tong sliding in between every inch of her. It ran around her clit, making her brace herself against the house and pray she wouldn’t scream.

It only gets better from there. It’ll be out Tuesday, so keep your eyes peeled!

❤ Aurora

New Release: The Professor’s Punishment

Yay! New book! I love Tuesdays. Here’s the blurb:

Michelle has always been a bad girl, and now it looks like she’s met her match.

Professor Heywood knows she cheated on her midterm. If she doesn’t want to be expelled, she’s going to have to do everything he tells her, no matter how degrading or humiliating.

Michelle is going to have to be punished for what she did. But she’s starting to think she might like it…

Warning: This book contains some humiliation play. It’s sweet for some, sour for others. If that’s not for you, this might not be your type of story. But if it is, come join us for a good time!

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Hope you love it!

❤ Aurora