Teaser: My Hot Professor

Here’s a snippet from next week’s book in case you need something to tide you over.

Sidney couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It had to be a prank. Or maybe a hallucination.

“So,” he said. “Would you like to fuck like animals? You haven’t changed your mind, have you?”

“No!” she exclaimed.

“Good. Then get over here.”

She got to her feet, feeling so unsteady that she had to brace herself on his desk. Then he was in front of her, his strong arms wrapping around her body. This time she was sure that the huge rod pressing against her was his cock.

We shouldn’t be doing this, she thought. It was wrong for a professor to get involved with a student. It was right there in the student manual.

The hand on her shoulder slid down her back to her ass, cupping it as he pulled her towards him. The feelings of wrongness dissipated and Sidney rested her hands on his firm, muscled chest. Her pussy tingled.

“You told me you were a virgin,” he said. “Do you want me to show you what sex is like? Do you want me to make you feel amazing?”

“Yes…” she moaned, trembling in his arms.

He yanked her shirt up and off her head while she grappled with the buckle to his belt. He flicked off her bra, exposing her breasts and her hard, puckered nipples. He began kissing around them, his tongue running across, nibbling gently at the soft curves. Then he wrapped his lips around her nipple and furiously sucked on it. Sidney gasped and leaned back against his desk.

Professor Hart stood upright, removing the rest of his clothes and then shoving the various books and things off of his desk. He lifted her up onto it and kissed her long and deeply as he pulled down her pants.

“I’ll make you feel things you never imagined,” he whispered in his ear. Just his breath tickling against her made her shiver.

Whew, I’m getting hot! It’ll be out next Tuesday!

❤ Aurora


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