Teaser: Dinner With The Billionaire

Here it is! From my latest story! And this barely scratches the surface…

“Took you long enough,” he growled in my ear. Through his pants I could feel the hardness of his cock. Finally, this was what I had been waiting for.

He unzipped my dress enough so he could access my chest, unhooking my bra in one fast motion. My nipples were hard and erect. He pinched one between his fingers and made me shiver.

Then he pushed me down on the bed and began kissing me, covering my neck, my chest, my breasts. His lips puckered around my nipple. It was an interesting sensation. I didn’t realize it would feel so good.

Meanwhile he shoved up my skirt, exposing my panties and nearly ripping them off of my body.

He bent down between my legs, his tongue finding my pussy wet and ready for him. A pleasurable shock shook my body. I hadn’t realized his tongue sliding around my pussy would feel so good. His fingers dug into my thighs as he toyed with my clit. He lapped up my juices and explored deeper inside of me, making me grab fistfuls of the bedsheets and struggle not to scream.

My orgasm was so much different from all the times I had done it to myself. It was a hundred times stronger, seemingly reaching from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. Stars flashed across my vision.

He stood upright. I could barely move.

If you want more of that, it will be out on Tuesday! See you then!

❤ Aurora


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