Teaser: Getting Even

Here’s a taste of next week’s story, just in case you need a fix:

Ellie tried to think of something else to say to fill the silence, but then his lips were on hers and she stopped caring.

He tasted as good as she imagined he would. He pulled her to him, shoving her skirt up and pushing her panties aside so he could get to her wet, inviting slit. He rubbed her clit, sending shivers down her spine, and curled a finger inside of her. Ellie gasped tightened her arms around him.

She slipped her jacket off and unzipped her dress enough to let her tits out. Her nipples were hard and Tyler immediately ran his tongue over one. He seemed to know exactly how to touch her to make her quiver.

She heard the soft purr of him unzipping his fly. She reached down for his cock and found it hard and thick.

He pushed her back against a tree, lifting her up and parting her legs for easier access. She felt his cock pressing against the entrance to her pussy and wondered what was taking him so long. Then he shoved inside of her so hard that she would have fallen if he wasn’t holding her.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Like that.”

And there’s a lot more where that came from. Tune in next week for the rest.

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❤ Aurora


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