Teaser: Working For Him

Time for this week’s teaser!

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing even after Mr. Reiner grinned and confirmed that he had said it. I thought my brain short circuited. It would also explain why my pussy was so wet.

He leered at me, waiting for me to speak, but I couldn’t string any words together. I was suddenly struck by the image of him bending me over the desk and fucking me until I screamed. What’s more, I was sure he knew exactly what was running through my head.

But it was all wrong. I was working for him. And if my parents found out, they would probably make me quit. Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but they would also stop paying my rent and that I wasn’t eager to experience.

“There are rules about that sort of thing,” I said.

“Of course. And I’ll give you a choice: quit and let your father cut you off, go back downstairs with a completely new attitude and work ethic, or suck my cock like you’ve never sucked cock before. The decision is up to you.”

I hated how tempted I was. It seemed like there was a fire between my legs, but I had to think straight.

Wait… why did I have to be responsible? Mr. Reiner was in this just as much as I was.

I got to my feet and went around to his side of the desk. He was already hard and jutting forward in his pants. I brushed my fingers over the fabric as I reached for his zipper. His cock felt positively engorged.

It gets way better from there, so be sure to check it out next Tuesday. See you then!

❤ Aurora


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