Teaser Friday

Yeah, I know that it sounds better when paired with Tuesday. But it can’t be helped! Anyway, I have another bundle coming out next week, HOTWIVES LOOKING FOR ACTION, and here’s a little taste of what’s inside:

Danny left the room as the other men began taking their clothes off. All three were hard and Marcy wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do with them. Just one man was enough to make her faint.

She reached out tentatively, not sure who to take first. She picked Richard, her hand wrapping around his cock and sliding up and down. With her other hand, she pulled Zach close so she could wrap her lips around his cock. Her tongue slid around him, then went up his shaft and licked his balls.

“Don’t leave me out,” Leo said. “You’ve got a nice mouth. I want to see it work.”

He took her head and pulled it toward him. She released Zach and pulled Leo into her mouth. He was big enough that his cock filled her whole mouth and she had to keep pausing for air as he went deeper and deeper. Soon she felt him hitting the back of her throat and going down.

That’s three stories in one package! Be sure to check it out!

❤ Aurora


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