Teaser: Out With My Boss

First of all, be sure to get my bundle while the price is still a sweet $0.99. Second, here’s a tasty piece of my latest story:

I wanted to scream, but somehow I managed to put on a pleasant smile as I walked to the elevator and rode up to Mr. Dalton’s office. He must have known that I saw him with Kim, recognized me in that stupid, useless mask. The only question was what he would do about it.

His door was open. I assume he wanted me to come right in, but I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. I was getting ready to turn back around when he stepped out, his eyes locking onto mine.

“Miss Carter,” he said, his voice smooth as silk. “Please, come right in.”

The “please” didn’t make it any less of a demand. My legs were shaking, but I somehow made it inside and sat down without collapsing into a heap on the floor.

“So tell me, Ashley,” he said, sitting down behind his desk. “Why do you want this job?”

I gave the usual spiel about what an amazing opportunity it was and how I would work hard for his company. “I truly love working here and I think I could do an amazing job. I would give anything to be your assistant.”

He seemed unimpressed. “So you’d give anything. Would you do anything?”

“Uh…” I didn’t know how to answer. My cheeks grew hot.

“I’m aware of the rumors,” he said. “That Kim only got her job because she spread her legs. But that isn’t true. She was a perfectly capable assistant. What happened was that after working together, we realized we both had similar… proclivities. We decided that there was no harm in indulging them, as long as it was after work hours.”

“That must be why she always left on time,” I said, then immediately clamped a hand over my mouth. That wasn’t supposed to come out. But he only grinned.

“You’re not entirely wrong. But it also is one of the perks of working up here. You leave when I do. And if you want, you can also come when I do.”

My mouth hung open. I couldn’t believe he just said that.

“No need to look so surprised, Ashley,” he said. “I am proposing exactly what you think I’m proposing. As long as you agree, of course. And if you do, I can assure you it will be an experience you’ll never forget.”

It was like every sexual fantasy I had ever had coming true. It was unreal. I watched him get up from behind his desk with a monster of an erection. He traced a finger down my cheek, sending a thrill down my spine.

“Well?” he asked. “Do you agree?”

“God yes.”

He lifted me to my feet, his hands exploring all over my body. He shoved my skirt up to reveal the lacy black panties I had put on that morning, already soaked from his mere presence. He ripped them off and dropped their ragged remains on the floor.

I hope you love it.

❤ Aurora


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