Teaser: Feeling Lucky

Another tasty teaser for you to go into the weekend with! Here’s an excerpt from FEELING LUCKY:

“I’m not trying to excuse it,” I said. “I broke into your office and violated your privacy. Do whatever you want to me. I deserve it.”

“You should be careful who you say something like that to,” he said.

My cheeks went red, and he sat down behind his desk and fiddled with my phone. It didn’t help things that he was attractive, with dark, smoldering eyes and black hair swept back across his forehead. He was so young to be a billionaire CEO.

“The question is, what do I do with you?”

I straightened my back and clasped my hands together, hoping he would decide the police didn’t need to be involved. I hated that I was turned on by this. Part of me wanted him to pull me close and begin tearing off my clothes.

“I suppose I’ll let you scuttle back to Leslie empty handed. Whatever she does to you will be punishment enough.”

I breathed a sigh of relief.

“But you’ll have to convince me.”

“How can I do that?”

He leaned forward with a hungry look on his face, so intense that I took a step back.

“You have a pretty little mouth there,” he said. “You can show me what you can do with it.”

My mouth fell open. I was hearing things, had to be. My imagination was running wild and causing me to hear things that weren’t there.

“Well?” he said.

“I just can’t believe I heard right. You can’t be serious. It’s… it’s…”

“Exactly what you were thinking?”

I thought I was going to die of embarrassment. It really did seem like he was reading my thoughts. Maybe I wasn’t doing as good a job of hiding them as I thought.

“Come over here,” Samuel Colter said.

My legs seemed to move of their own accord. God, I wanted him. I wanted to taste him in my mouth, to fee his hands on my body. I dropped to my knees in front of him but hesitated when I started to pull down his zipper. I thought of the boyfriend who had just broken up with me because I didn’t know what I was doing.

“Having second thoughts?” he asked.

“No. It’s just… To tell you the truth, I’m not very experienced. I’ve only been with one man and he always said that I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“And he never bothered to teach you? What a fool.”

Thinking of Brandon, I agreed completely. “Will you show me?”

“Of course.”

I pulled down his zipper and took out his cock.

Obviously, this is just the beginning. Keep an eye out for it next week!

❤ Aurora


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