Teaser: Hot Billionaires

Next week is another bundle week! Now you can get three hot stories in one hot package! Just check out what’s in store:

Mr. Reiner watched as I removed my blouse, my skirt, my bra, my panties. He walked around me as if taking everything in. I knew how good I looked. My breasts were large but firm, with strawberry nipples that were pointed erect. My stomach was flat and my perfectly shaved pussy was just itching to be pounded.

“Your performance review is mediocre,” he said. “And at my company, mediocre is what gets people fired.”

I crossed my hands over my chest. This wasn’t what I came up here for.

“So what? You’re firing me? You said I’d get to keep my job.”

“And you will. For as long as you want it.”

He grabbed one of my breasts and squeezed, his fingers pinching my nipple. I tilted my head back and moaned.

“But you want something in return, is that it?”

“You catch on fast.”

He bent down in front of me and puckered his lips around my nipple. His tongue slid across and around, and I had to brace myself against his desk. God, he knew how to touch a woman.

He moved to the other one while one of his hands reached between my legs to my warm, inviting slit. I was dripping wet so he had no problem sliding a finger up inside of me. He pressed down on my cervix and sent tingles shooting through my body.

His lips moved lower, kissing around my navel. He pushed me up onto the desk so he could dive down into my pussy. I gasped, shuddered, knocked his computer monitor onto the floor. He didn’t even look up, just kept tonguing my clit.

But it wasn’t enough. I needed him inside of me, that huge cock stretching me apart. I wanted to grab him and force him up but I was paralyzed…

Look for it next week! See you then!

❤ Aurora


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