Teaser: Going To The Doctor

Here’s another hot one for ya:

He pushed me down on the bed, his lips pressed to mine, his hands running down my sides to grip my legs. He shoved my skirt up and slipped his fingers underneath my panties and slid them down, dropping them by the side of the bed.

I felt his hardness press into me and reached down for it, wanting to touch it, feel it inside of me. He unzipped his fly and I lightly gripped it in my hand as he began kissing me lower and lower, my neck, my chest. He pulled down the top of my dress and pressed his face into my tits.

I moaned. “Fuck me already.”

“I don’t have a condom.”

“I don’t care.”

His cock pressed against my pussy and pushed up inside. I played around with myself before but had never actually been with a guy. I hadn’t known what to expect, but not this intensity, this feeling of being stretched apart.

While I was delighting in the ecstasy from his cock, he pulled me up, still ramming me as he pushed me over to the wall. He braced his arms against it and plowed me even harder, so much that the walls started to shake.

An orgasm ripped through me. I was ready to cry out, but Blake slapped a hand over my mouth to muffle my screams. His pace picked up. I thought I was going to explode, and then he came and filled me with his warm cum.

This was only the beginning, I hoped.

It gets way more wild from there, so be sure to check it out next Tuesday! See you then!

❤ Aurora


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