Teaser: So Many Doctors Bundle

I have a new bundle coming out! Yay! Check out a piece from one of the books:

When Mom came in with Doctor Harding, my knees threatened to buckle. I wasn’t sure if I was angry at the thought of him examining my most private area or turned on. He had dark brown eyes that were warm and inviting. His body looked hard and strong. It made me wonder if other parts of him were equally muscled.

“It’s good to see you, Jessie,” he said. I couldn’t answer. My throat had closed up to a pinhole.

“As I told you, this is a very delicate matter,” Dad said. “You don’t know how deceitful kids that age can be. I hate to impose on you like this, but I appreciate your help. If she can prove to us that she’s behaved herself, then we can let the matter rest.”

What was left unspoken was what he would do if it turned out that I was lying after all. Cal didn’t put his cock in me. He barely even got a finger inside. But that might be enough for a doctor to see.

I was dead meat. Goodbye college. Goodbye life.

“If I can help you out, then I will,” Doctor Harding said. Then he locked eyes with me. I felt a tingling in my pussy. “I will have to have you sign some consent forms, Jessie.”

I looked at Mom, silently begging her not to make me do this, but got nothing but cold in return. I was out of options.

“Fine,” I said. He took out two sheets of paper had me sign on the bottom.

“Where’s the best place to do this?” Mom asked.

“Her room will be sufficient.”

“All right…” Mom took me by the arm to lead me up, but Doctor Harding put his hand on her shoulder to stop her.

“She’s over eighteen, so I’m afraid it’s not permitted for you to be in there.”

“Oh. If you say so.”

“If you need anything, just let us know,” Dad added.

“I will. It shouldn’t take more than an hour, and then you’ll have your answer.”

The doctor followed me up the stairs and into my bedroom. Just my luck to have a gorgeous man in my room for such a stupid reason.

I jumped when he shut the door. It all felt so unreal.

“You can take your clothes off now,” he said. “All of them. We can use a bedsheet to drape you with, if you like.”

“But… right here in front of you?”

“Is that really going to be a problem?” he asked. Then he looked me up and down. “You know, I saw you that night.”

“W-what?” I started to get up and he ordered me to stay still. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I think you do. Now take off those clothes.”

I pulled them off as quickly as I could, my cheeks flushing a deep crimson. I grabbed a sheet and covered myself as best I could, but what was the point? He already saw everything.

Three stories for one amazing price. Look for it next week!

❤ Aurora


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