Teaser: The Job Interview

I feel like I was extra naughty with this one. Just having one of those days,  I guess. One of those awesome, horny days. Anyway, check out this sneak peek:

It didn’t help that I kept picturing Elliot Price without his clothes on. He would have a solid physique, a six-pack on his stomach, every muscle well defined. When my mind got below the waist, I had to pinch myself before I fainted.

“I’m willing to do anything,” I said to him. He smirked a little at that and I wondered if he was having the same dirty thoughts. No, of course not. That idea was ridiculous.

“From your résumé, it seems like you’re overqualified for this position. You have an MBA after all. I would think you would want something with more promise.”

“While that’s true, I would also like a job at a place where I can watch one of the best companies in the world in action.”

“And you think the best place to do that is as a secretary?”

Beads of sweat popped up on my forehead. I hoped they were too small for him to notice.

“For now, yes. It’s a paying job instead of an unpaid internship, and I think I’d learn a lot from working for you in any capacity.”

I had rehearsed it so many times in my head. It wasn’t until I said it out loud that it seemed weak, desperate even. And worse, Mr. Price seemed to think the same thing.

“I’m afraid this position isn’t the best for you to do that,” he said. “While I don’t need someone willing to dedicate their entire life to the job, I don’t want a girl who’s going to leave the second a better position opens up. I need someone willing to commit.”

“But I am!”

“I strongly doubt that. Thank you for coming in. I wish you luck in finding something more appropriate.”

Damn it, what was I going to do? All those girls who entered before me with their low-cut tops and skirts that barely covered their asses. They all seemed to receive a satisfying answer.

If I was going to change his mind, I would have to do it like one of them. Dear lord, how was I supposed to do this?

“I don’t know why you don’t think I want to be here,” I said. “There’s more than one reason I chose this job. When I saw it was for you, I couldn’t resist.”

He finally looked up from the monitor he had been staring at all through the interview and really saw me for the first time. I doubt I impressed him much, with my conservative, covering everything clothes. But still his gaze sharpened as he looked at me.

“I saw all those girls out there,” I went on. “I couldn’t help but think how much more attractive than me they were. But I bet they’re all talk and no action. I’m not.”

“Oh really?” he said.

“I’ll do anything you want. I’m here at your command.”

Elliot leaned back in his chair, considering me. I couldn’t tell what was going through his head and wondered if he was getting ready to call security to toss me out on my ass. Then he got to his feet and came around the desk to face me. The front of his pants was jutting out with a massive erection. I couldn’t believe it was for me.

“Get on your knees,” he said, unzipping his fly.

It gets sooooo much better from there. Check it out next week, because it is delicious.

❤ Aurora


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