Teaser: Hard At Work

Bundle time again! For everyone who wants three hot stories in one hot package, check this out:

“My name is Amber Collins and I’m here for my interview,” I said in a sultry voice I didn’t recognize as my own. I leaned back against his desk and spread my legs wide so he could see that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

“I don’t usually conduct the interviews personally,” Jason said. He sounded interested. I was getting him.

“I heard you liked it when people take the initiative.” I couldn’t believe these words were coming out of my mouth. Maybe it was because I was desperate not to be thrown out by security.

“My interviews can be pretty rough,” he said. But he was coming over. I had him.

“The rougher the better.”

Then he was on me, kissing my neck while he pulled off my jacket and shoved up my skirt. I didn’t realize it until he had his hand up there but I was dripping wet. I had been turned on by guys before but never so much that I had a waterfall coming out of my pussy.

He unzipped his pants and then his hard cock was pressing against my bare stomach. I started salivating when I looked down at it and bent down to suck on it briefly. But I barely swirled it around in my mouth before he was yanking me to my feet. At first I worried that I wasn’t doing it right, but then I saw that he wanted something else.

He pushed me over his desk, yanking my skirt up so my ass was exposed. He shoved his cock in my slit in one hard motion that made my eyes roll up into the back of my head. I know I told him I liked it rough, but really I had hardly fucked at all. He was only the second guy I had sex with.

His hips pumped me and I tried to grab onto something, anything. My arms flailed, something crashed onto the floor. I screamed. It only made him go harder.

He grabbed my hair and pulled back. I swear I felt his cock swell as he blew his load into me. My body spasmed in a way I never felt before, pure pleasure filling me along with his cum.

I couldn’t believe it was over. I couldn’t believe I wanted more.

“That will do for the first interview,” he said. “We’ll have to see where it goes from here. But I’ll definitely be calling you back.”

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Come back next week for the rest of the sultry stories.

❤ Aurora


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