Teaser: The Reluctant Hotwife

Here’s a piece from my latest WIP! Check it out and let it whet your appetite:

Jessica wasn’t sure what to say. She wanted to tell him that people would be looking for her, that it was inappropriate, but she couldn’t tear herself away from Harris Graham’s eyes and when he looked at her, she was his for the taking.

“We… we shouldn’t…”

He pressed a finger to her lips. “You don’t want people to hear us, do you?”

Harris grabbed her ass and squeezed it hard as he pulled her into a long, hot kiss. His lips  moved down to her neck and he seemed to inhale the perfume that she had put on that afternoon, just the barest scent so the people of the church wouldn’t think she was some kind of slut. And now look at her.

Then he rudely shoved up her skirt, slipping underneath her panties and finding her dripping wet pussy. He unzipped her dress, a matronly gray thing that now seemed too tight, and revealed the lacy black bra she put on to feel sexy. He unhooked hit in one smooth motion and dropped it onto the floor.

He nibbled on the side of her breast, then brushed his tongue across her nipple and made her shiver. One finger down below flicked against her clit and then slipped further inside, searching for the spot that would send pleasure radiating out from that bundle of nerves.

The explosion that shook through her made her yelp, but she bit down on her lip to keep it from getting any louder. There was still a party going on outside.

“If you’re worried about making noise,” Harris said, “I can give you something to fill your mouth.”

Jessica, innocent that she was, didn’t know what he meant until he pulled out his gargantuan cock.

“Oh,” she whispered, awed. She wasn’t sure if it was the size or just how hungry she was for it.

As always, there’s a lot more where that came from! Check it out next week. You know you want to.

❤ Aurora


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