Ready For Action

RFA CoverReady For Action

Eleven hot stories featuring brats getting what they deserve, students who need a private lesson from teacher, and good wives being naughty. If you think you can handle it, then strap in. Things are about to get crazy.

Some of these stories contain BDSM and domineering alpha males, sweet for some, not so much for others. If that’s your thing, then come join us.

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New Release: Sleeping With The Hotwife

Yay! My favorite day of the week. I hope you all love this one as much as I do. Check out the blurb:

Stephanie Moore would do anything for her husband, but sleeping with his boss? That’s too much!

But her husband needs to keep his job, and Max Tate needs to be satisfied. Stephanie’s not sure that she can handle it, but she doesn’t have a choice.

As always, it’s available on Amazon for $0.99! Pick up your copy today!

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Teaser: Sleeping With The Hotwife

Back to my favorite genre! There’s something so fun about consensual fooling around. Anyway, enjoy this tasty treat:

She bit her lip, but she wasn’t able to hold it back any longer. She didn’t care about Davis’s job or how much money this arrogant jerk had.

“I think it’s ridiculous that I’m here,” she said. “You knew I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to use the elevator—and what a stupid rule that is, anyway—but you have power over my husband, so you used it. I don’t even know why.”

“Because I wanted you,” he said. “And I always get what I want.”

He what? Why would he want her? He was the most attractive men she ever met, not to mention one of the richest men on the planet. With all the beautiful women at his disposal, how could he possibly be interested in boring old Stephanie Moore?

The elevator stopped and they got off. Right into his office, as a matter of fact, which might explain why he wouldn’t want other people using it.

The view was amazing, high up enough to take her breath away, and it went all the way around his office. Max seemed pleased that she was awed by it and stood close behind her.

He pulled her to him, arms firmly holding her in place. The thin fabric of the dress clung to her body, making her feel almost bare. She pressed up against him and the hard rod of his cock pressed into her back. Once again Stephanie was surprised that it was for her.

His hand crept up her thigh and pushed her dress higher, higher. His thumb hooked under the edge of her panties and slowly slid them down her long, toned thighs. He found her wet slit and teased around her clit. Her body shook with pleasure. It was so wrong, but it felt so good.

She heard the purr of him unzipping her dress. The straps slid down her arms and exposed her milky white breasts, heaving from the excitement rippling through her body. While he continued to play with her pussy, he took hold of one breast, squeezing it, tweaking the nipple. Stephanie leaned her head back and moaned.

She was barely cognizant of the rustle behind her as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock, she just knew it was pressing into her hand and she had to grasp it and stroke it up and down. He nibbled on her shoulder. No longer did she want to escape.

Max whirled her around and pushed her to her knees, urging her head towards his cock, glistening with pre-cum. She stuck the tip in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Although she didn’t know much about blowing, she was eager to learn.

The rest of it, as always, will be available next week. See you then! Now go have a fun weekend.

New Release: So Hot Bundle

You want eleven hot stories in one hot package? Look no further:

There’s a lot of naughtiness going on here. Good girls being bad, faithful wives with other men, and brats learning lessons.

Come join the fun. There’s nothing wrong with some sexy fantasies.

And I firmly believe that. It’s available now on Amazon, at a special price of $0.99 for this week only! Plus I updated the end matter for all of my stories so they’re up to date (to now), fixed their tables of contents, and fixed some little errors that were just driving me nuts. Pick one up an enjoy!

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Teaser: So Hot Bundle

I’ve  got another bundle for you, and this one is eleven of my most recent stories that you’re going to want to sink your teeth into. Here’s a little taste to whet your appetite:

All the spit in my mouth dried up. I wondered what Doctor Peters thought of me standing there with an idiotic look on my face as if I was still enough he might not see me.

The doctor laughed and pinched my cheek. “You’re as cute as I expected.”

“I really wasn’t snooping,” I said. “I just wanted to see Doctor Pierson—to thank him for hiring me. I got scared and I… I…”

He laughed out loud. It was obvious that he didn’t believe a word coming from my mouth. How could this day get any more humiliating?

Almost as if in answer, my phone buzzed with a message from Kara telling me to hurry up and get back.

“Excuse me,” I said. My face was turning red. Never in my life had I been such a mess. It must have been Doctor Pierson who put me in this state.

But when I tried to open the door, the doctor held it shut.

“I’ll tell Kara not to expect you back for a while,” he said. “I’d like to get acquainted with our new receptionist.”

Before I could protest—if I even wanted to—he took out his own cell phone and called Kara to tell her I was otherwise occupied. I couldn’t believe she would just ignore it, but I received no more calls on my phone. Then Doctor Peters walked up to me.

“I think you need an exam,” he said.

I had no idea what he was talking about until he led me out of the office and over to one of the patient examination rooms. He took out one of the flimsy gowns and told me to get changed, and then he left. I was totally confused. But I did as he told me.

I took off my blouse, my skirt, my shoes. Looking down at my underwear, I wondered if he meant for me to take them off as well. Of course he must. I stepped out of my panties and unhooked my bra, leaving them on top of my clothes.

A shiver ran up my spine. This was another thing I had never done before. It was so exciting.

Then the door opened and I threw the gown over myself. It wasn’t even Doctor Peters, but another man, one I hadn’t met before with dark hair and darker eyes. He was closer to my age, probably in his first year of practice. Young and eager.

“I’m Doctor Morgan,” he said. “Doctor Peters told me to come in and get you ready.”

He patted the cushioned table and somewhat reluctantly I hopped on.

“What’s going to happen?” I asked.

“You’ll see.”

He pushed me to lie back and then lifted each of my legs and placed it in a stirrup, which he then clamped over my ankle to lock it in place. I struggled a bit in them, which Doctor Morgan smiled at. There I was, practically on display for him.

Doctor Peters came in, nodding when he saw me held into place.

“Start with your hands,” he said to the younger doctor. “Feel her first. Find her sensitive spots.”

Morgan walked his fingers up my inner thigh, making me tense with anticipation. He rubbed around my pussy, applying gentle pressure until he got to my clit. Just brushing over it was enough to make my body tighten.

There’s a lot of hotness bundled into this one. Keep your eyes peeled for it next week!

❤ Aurora

New Release: Off To The Doctor

Yay! More hot, doctor-filled fun. Here’s the blurb:

Amy has always been a good girl, not that her parents would ever believe it. And when they decide she has to prove that she’s behaved herself at college, she has no choice but to say yes.

A handsome doctor walks into her room to give her a virginity test, and the exam he’s performing is quite intimate. Amy’s feeling things she never imagined, and the doctor isn’t going to let her get away with one little exam…

If you want a taste, then dive right in. Get it now on Amazon for $0.99!

❤ Aurora

Teaser: Off To The Doctor

Anyone else looking for some fun? Well here it is:

We went into my room and I heard him shut the door behind me, as well as the click of the lock turning, which made me wonder what he had in mind.

I shook my head, trying to dispel the dirty thoughts. This should not have been turning me on.

“I hear you’ve been a bad girl,” he said, a lecherous phrase that made me whirl around on him.

“My parents never believe me,” I said.

“And I’m sure you’re completely innocent. Well, the test will show whether or not you’re telling the truth. Now get undressed.”

“E-excuse me?”

“You heard me. What kind of test did you think this was?”

It was insulting the way he talked to me like I was a spoiled child. I wasn’t too thrilled about having to strip in front of him either, but I had to admit that there was a dirty, depraved part of me that liked having his eyes crawl over me while I pulled off my t-shirt and slid my jeans down. But I swear I wasn’t purposely wiggling my ass at him as I took them off.

“Keep going,” he said. “Bra and panties, too.”

This was so humiliating. He shouldn’t have been watching me disrobe, especially not with a gleam in his eyes that said that he liked what he saw.

“Lay down on your bed,” he said. “Scoot all the way down. Keep your legs separated. That’s my girl.”

One of his hands, clad in latex gloves, rested on my knee while the other moved up to my slit. A finger probed around the edges and I squeezed my eyes shut. It was an exam. I should not be enjoying it.

“Tell me your sexual history,” Doctor Slater said.

“I don’t have one.”

“Come now. Are you telling me that you’ve never been touched? And keep in mind that I will be examining you thoroughly and will know if you’re lying.”

“I did kiss a boy a couple of nights ago. And he did touch me. But it never went further than that. We didn’t have sex.”

“Oh no?” His finger slid up inside of me and I had to bite back a cry. He felt all around me and then twitched in a way that sent electricity shooting through me. I tried to stay calm, but my hands grabbed the bedspread and squeezed.

“You do feel tight like a virgin,” he said. “Although your pussy isn’t making as much juices as normal for a girl your age.”

Great, now I was a slut because I wasn’t turned on enough. “Maybe… you just haven’t examined me enough.”

He pulled his finger out and I was horrified that he was stopping.

“I do have another method,” he said. “You might think it’s unorthodox, but it’s better for determining whether or not your body is responding like a virgin.”

“Then do it,” I said.

Doctor Slater bent down over me and his tongue came out, sliding all around my folds and leaving me with a pleasurable tingle. I grunted, my body arching up to meet his mouth while he tongued my clit and licked around my pussy. I never imagined that a man’s touch would feel so good.

Lots more tasty stuff where that came from! It’ll be ready for you next week!

❤ Aurora

New Release: Taking Home The Hotwife

Or maybe this is my favorite day of the week? I don’t know. I just know it’s fun and I love fun. Check out the blurb:

Marina can’t imagine how any woman could sleep with a man who wasn’t her husband. But when the opportunity presents itself and the sexy billionaire Christopher Miller wants her, how can she refuse?

It’s all so wrong. But she’s finding she can’t say no and things are about to get intense. It may be bad, but it feels so good…

Lots of hot sex in this one. Of course, there’s always lots of hot sex. Go get it now on Amazon for $0.99!

❤ Aurora

Teaser: Taking Home The Hotwife

Yay, it’s my favorite day of the week! Isn’t it yours, too? Check out this little preview and see:

Marina leaned back against the desk. She thought it might look seductive and mask the absolute terror that was tying her stomach into knots as Mr. Miller stepped in and closed the door behind him. Then he twisted the lock shut.

There was no escape.

“It’s not often that I come back to my office and find a beautiful woman waiting for me,” he said.

She had to admit, that made her feel warm inside. She never thought of herself as particularly attractive. She thought that was why Jed often seemed disinterested in sex. But if this rich, stunningly handsome man thought of her as such, she would be forced to believe him.

“I had hoped to run into you at the party yesterday,” she said in a sultry voice she hardly recognized. “But my supervisor got in the way.”

“You work here?” His eyebrow arched a little and Marina feared he wasn’t interested in fucking an employee. And she found herself not wanting to miss this opportunity.

“I’m just an intern. A temp position, nothing more. My husband works in sales.”

“I see.” His expression was hard to read. He moved around her and Marina found her heart going crazy in her chest. He had a strong face with a square jaw and eyes that always seemed to be brooding. She didn’t want to look at him for too long or else her pussy might end up dripping wet with desire.

Anything could happen now. He could fire her or worse, fire Jed. Or he could throw her down across his desk and fuck her raw. Marina found herself hoping it would be the latter.

Then he was right in front of her, so close that she could smell his aftershave and she was glad once again for the desk to lean against. She grabbed onto it tightly and hoped that she wouldn’t faint.

He leaned in, pressed his lips against her ear. “Let’s see what kind of girl you really are.”

Excitement twisted through her. Marina dropped to her knees and pawed at his pants, needing a few seconds to remember how zippers were supposed to work. His cock was huge, fully erect, pre-cum dribbling out of the tip. Her mouth started watering as soon as she laid eyes on it.

She sucked on the tip and swirled it around her mouth. She slid her tongue up the shaft and nibbled gently, making him moan. Marina was surprised that she was good enough to elicit such a reaction. Her nipples hardened and her pussy started throbbing. She didn’t realize that giving could feel so good.

It certainly makes me happy. Look for all this and more next week! Have an amazing weekend!

❤ Aurora

New Release: Punished By The Professor

Sorry it’s so late! Not Amazon’s fault this time. I had a power outage and no power means no internet, which means no book >:(. But here it is! Lots of tying up and spanking in this one. Check out the blurb:

Selene is in trouble. If she doesn’t pass her economics class, her father won’t pay for school anymore. And of course her teacher is immune to her charms.

She tells Professor Samson that she’ll do anything to pass his class. And he intends to hold her to that. He has no use for brats, but if she’s willing to submit to him, then maybe she can pass after all…

This book contains spanking and bondage. If that’s not for you, then give it a pass. But if you like it, then come join the fun!

As always, it’s available on Amazon for only $0.99! Get it today!

❤ Aurora