Teaser: The Hot Boss

THB Teaser

How’s summer treating you? I hope it’s not too hot because what I have for you today is absolutely on fire:

“I’m parked over here,” Chris said, leading me towards a polished to a shine sports car that probably cost more than my dad made in a year. I was too afraid to touch it less I tarnish its gleam, and he opened the door for me to climb inside. It was so low that I felt like I was sitting directly on the ground. When he started the engine, the vibrations sank into my body and made my pussy tingle.

The car ripped out of the driveway and screamed down the street. It was the most exhilarating ride of my life. He didn’t seem to have a particular destination in mind, we just flew through the city until he decided that it was time to head back. He parked in almost the exact same spot in the driveway, under a tree that plunged us deep into shadow. It was then that I was fully cognizant of the fact that we were completely alone.

His hand fell on my leg. I could have brushed it off and gone back inside—that was what I should have done—but I didn’t. It began climbing higher underneath my long, boring skirt until he reached my panties, thoroughly moistened by my desire for him. His fingers slipped under the hem and tugged them down, exposing my slit to him.

“You’re hungry for it, aren’t you?” he said in a husky voice.

His other hand reached out and pulled me to him, plunging into my hair and then moving down my back to cup my ass. The hand on my pussy stroked along the folds until he found the sensitive nub of my clit and he rubbed a thumb over it. I let out a gasp. I never felt such electric pleasure in my life.

Chris unzipped my dress enough for it to slip down my shoulders and reveal my breasts, perky and firm and with tightly erect nipples. He puckered his lips around one, running his tongue across and suckling at it. I bit down on my lip and moaned.

I couldn’t believe this was happening, that after four years of my friends in college laughing at me for being a total prude that I was finally letting a boy touch me. No, not a boy. A man, and quite a man from the erection jutting out the front of his pants. I grinded into it, so much wanting it to be inside of me. I squeezed my legs around him and grabbed him tight.

The finger that had been teasing my clit was now moving up inside of me, in and out, sending more jolts radiating out from my pussy. There were so many sensations, my breasts aching from the way he roughly sucked on them, the ecstasy in my pussy at the finger exploring around. I had always been so careful when I touched myself, afraid that somehow my parents would find out and I would get in trouble for it. But Chris was taking no such care.

Pleasure exploded through me and I tightened my grip on him. Then he shoved me back into the other seat and unzipped his pants.

The whole hot story will be available next week! See you then!

❤ Aurora


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