Teaser: More Dirty Fantasies

MDF B Teaser

Not just one hyper bundle this year, but two! That’s 44 (!) stories of pure pleasure. Just check out this little tidbit:

He grabbed my hand and tugged me through the living room, a pastiche of mismatched furniture, gray couch, antique end table, glass coffee table. It looked like he picked what he owned off of the street. The bedroom was nicer, showed some actual care. The furniture matched, at least. The bed he pushed me down on was soft and bounced underneath us.

Drake’s hands were all over me, pulling up my shirt, unsnapping the button on my jeans. I kicked off my shoes and suddenly he was on me, his hand inside my pants rubbing across the smooth fabric of my panties, then moving around the back to cup my ass. His mouth was on mine, our tongues dancing for a moment before he moved to my neck and nibbled it gently.

He abruptly pulled back and took off his shirt. His body was as perfect as I imagined, every muscle firm and taut, my eyes following the lines of his stomach to where they disappeared underneath his sweatpants. His cock was hard and making a tent pole in the front, but when I reached for it, he only grabbed my shirt and yanked it over my head in one smooth motion.

I put on my see-through bra before I left and it was easy to see how my nipples were hard and begging to be squeezed. I wanted him to grab them, but instead he made me stand so I could push down my jeans and step out of them.

I stood there in my bra and the panties that barely covered my pussy and waited while he removed the rest of his clothes. He was back on me, one hand reaching around my back and unhooking my bra in one quick motion. My breasts were finally free and he bent down to one, putting his lips around my nipple and sucking with delicious friction. Then he moved to the other, soft at first and then hard enough to send tingles through my body.

Meanwhile his hands were going down, down, down. A finger traced down my stomach, circling my naval, then finding my panties and ripping them off. He began massaging my clit, sending even more powerful shivers through my body. When he withdrew his hand, I had to bite back a scream.

“Spread your legs,” he growled. I did as he said, lying flat on my back while he got on the bed in front of me. His big, strong hands lifted me up and he was inside me in one hard thrust.

Believe me, there’s a lot more where that came from! Be sure to look for it next week!

❤ Aurora


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