New Release: Having A Good Time

HAGT B Cover

Do you want eleven hot stories at your fingertips? Then look no further:

Sometimes one story just isn’t enough. So how about eleven of the hottest, sweetest stories that you can get your hands on.

Innocent girls are being bad. Wives are being seduced. Brats are succumbing to punishment.

It’s all here. Let’s have some fun.

Shall we get started? Go pick it up on Amazon today. It’s $0.99 for this week only!

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Teaser: Having A Good Time


This week is a tasty tidbit from my upcoming eleven book bundle. I hope it’s hot enough for you:

Aaron shoved me up against a locker, his hands roughly yanking at my clothes. He pushed my shirt up and yanked down my bra, exposing my soft, white breasts and rock hard nipples. He grabbed one and squeezed.

“Yeah, you’re a slut all right,” he said.

As if I could deny it.

I grabbed for him, leaning forward to kiss his chest and move lower and lower, down across his stomach and to the long root of his cock. I licked it and tried some of the tricks I used on Greg, but he seemed to want my mouth working on other things. He shoved all the way to the back of my throat and made me gag. God, it was so good.

My pussy buzzed with pleasure and I knew that this time I couldn’t ignore it. Aaron pulled out of my mouth and yanked me back to my feet.

“I want that sweet slit of yours,” he said.

His hand crept up my skirt to my sopping wet panties, tugging them down and exposing my pussy. He ran his finger around the outside and moved to my clit. The fire that shook through me was enough to make me cry out.

He was gentle, lightly toying with it using his thumb while his fingers moved down to my slit. One probed around inside of me, my first penetration by something other than myself. I bit my lip, trying to hold in more cries.

The finger moved in and out of me and I could feel myself building up to a climax. But as I was getting close Aaron stopped, his own face sweaty and desperate. Then he grabbed my legs and I felt his cock pressing at my pussy. God, I shouldn’t have been doing this. Anyone could walk in on us. I would get in so much trouble…

So many stories, so little time. Pick it up next week!

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New Release: In Trouble With The Boss


You hungry for some delicious fun? Then look no further:

Katie’s supervisor sends her to spy on the big boss, but what’s she supposed to do if she gets caught? Now she’s in a lot of trouble and the only way to get out of it with her job intact might be to go a little further than she ever intended…

After having it once, now she has to have more. Will her rich, arrogant boss give her what she needs?

Doesn’t it sound great? I certainly had fun writing it. Go pick it up today on Amazon, only $0.99!

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Teaser: In Trouble With The Boss

ITWTB Teaser

Got another sexy spanking  story for you. Here’s where it begins:

His voice was a snarl. Goodbye, job. But what if future employers wanted to know why my time here was so short? Or worse, what if they called for a reference? Maybe I should leave it off my résumé all together.

I inched towards the door, hoping he would let me slink away. I’d gather my things and be gone in an hour.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Mr. Pierce said.

“I-I’m sorry…”

“You should be. I could have you arrested for this, and I assure you it would be no simple fine.”

My face drained of blood. I didn’t have money to pay a fine, but going to prison would be worse.

“Please don’t,” I blurted out. “I didn’t want to do it. She said she’d fire me.”

“So that gives you the right to break the law?”

There was a gleam in his eye and I got the feeling that he was enjoying watching me squirm.

“Of course not. I know it was wrong. I just hoped I’d get away with it.”

“And you would have just let her listen in on my private conversations? You’re a despicable human being.”

I couldn’t argue with him on that point. I wished he’d just let me leave, but I had a feeling he wanted to torment me some more.

“What do you want from me?” I said.

There was that gleam again. “What will you do to make up for your transgression?”

“Anything. Please…”

“Is that so?” He folded his arms as if he was thinking about it but I knew, just knew, he already had something in mind. And then he said it: “Twenty hits should do it.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Twenty hits, my hand to your ass. At least to start.”

I stared at him, waiting for him to start laughing. Obviously it was a joke. People didn’t do that sort of thing in real life.

“Are you ready to begin?” he said.

Before I knew what was happening, he took his belt off and bound my hands together with it, then whipped me around and yanked up my skirt, exposing my ass. He grabbed a handful of one cheek and squeezed and I couldn’t deny the thrill radiating out from my pussy.

“These will only get in the way,” he said in a husky voice. Then he ripped my panties off so my bare cheeks were at his mercy.

If you want the good stuff, you’ll have to get the book! Look for it next week!

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New Release: Working For The Doctor

WFTD Cover

It’s here! Are you excited? I know I am. Just check out the blurb:

Shannon is such a brat, and when she’s forced to get a job, she’s not happy about it. Then she meets the amazingly attractive doctor who’s conducting the interview.

It’s beyond anything she ever imagined. But if she wants to work for him, she’s going to have to do a lot of things she never imagined. Starting with one sexy examination…

Go get it now on Amazon, only $0.99! It’s a lot of fun!

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Teaser: Working For The Doctor

WFTD Teaser

Hope you’re ready for some action! It’s a hot one this week:

Usually it was easy for me to come up with excuses, but for the first time in my life my mind was a total blank. I could barely remember my own name.

“Didn’t know that we had cameras in the hall, did you?” Doctor Holder said. But it didn’t look like he wanted an answer. He seemed to be enjoying watching me squirm.

“I was… lost,” I said. How lame. He obviously wasn’t buying it.

“Not getting the job should be the least of your worries right now,” he said. “You could be arrested for breaking into a room with confidential medical files.”

“I could not!” I yelled, although maybe I could, I didn’t know. “And what about what you’re doing in there? That can’t be allowed.”

“What goes on between consenting adults is certainly not illegal.” He leaned back in his chair. “Nice try. You’re not escaping this one.”

“There are rules about things like sex at work,” I said. “And that room with the two way glass. Do your patients know there’s someone sitting there watching their exam?”

“Of course. That’s why they come to this clinic.”

I blinked. That wasn’t true, no way.

“This office focuses on sex and pleasure,” he said. “People come here when they’re having trouble with getting off. We study their bodies and what arouses them so they can have better orgasms. Some patients are modest and prefer to not be observed directly, so we use the room. Which you are not permitted to enter under any circumstances.”

Crap, this mess I was in was only getting deeper. Not getting the job wouldn’t bother me, but I had a feeling that wouldn’t be enough punishment for Doctor Holder.

I folded my arms over my chest and looked away. “Fine. Do whatever you want. It’s none of my business.”

“That might be the first correct thing I’ve heard you say. I’m guessing whatever school you went to wasn’t particularly strenuous.”

“Do you have anything else to say or are you just going to keep insulting me?”

“I’m going to treat you how you deserve,” he said. “We’re helping people and you have no consideration for that. You’re a spoiled brat.”

“That’s not true!”

He scoffed. “Fine. Then come with me and experience it for yourself.”


“You heard me. I can’t imagine a girl as wound up as you has ever had a decent orgasm. Come with me and I’ll show you everything you’ve been missing out on.”

I couldn’t believe I was going along with this. It was crazy. Shannon Miller did not do this sort of thing. Yet here I was being showed into an exam room, the same one I had been peeping on earlier, although it had been scrubbed clean again.

“Take off your clothes,” Doctor Holder ordered.

I wasn’t usually this shy about removing my clothes, but something about the way his eyes were fixed on me made me nervous. I took off my blouse, slipped out of my skirt and the thong I put on that morning. Briefly I glanced back towards the mirrored window, wondering if anyone was on the other side. A thrill ran up my spine.

“Get on the table,” he said, and I was helpless to disobey.

Wait until you see the rest because whew, I’m getting hot just thinking about it. As always, it’ll be ready for you next week! See you then!

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New Release: Hot For Billionaires

HFB B.jpg

Happy new release day! Looking for some fun? Well, here’s the blurb:

If you like hot, rich alpha males, then look no further. Here are three stories with three girls who can’t keep their hands off their bosses. But they might find that once is never enough…

Come join the fun.

Go get it now on Amazon! The $0.99 price is for this week only!

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Teaser: Hot For Billionaires

THB Teaser

It’s another bundle next week! Here’s a little taste of what’s inside:

I threw open the door and jumped into his car as fast as I could. My pussy tingled as the vibrations from the engine reached it and Holden took off, tearing down the road. For a while it was like he forgot I was there, but finally he spoke as we pulled into his driveway.

“Quite a performance you gave,” he said.

“You saw it?”

“I know everything that happens in my building. And I don’t recall summoning you to my office.”

“It’s been weeks. I couldn’t stand waiting anymore.”

He pulled into a spot and killed the engine. When he looked over at me, his eyes were dark and demanding.

“Come into to my house and we’ll see just how much you can stand.”

We went inside and he led me upstairs to a room that I definitely didn’t see during the party. The wall was covered in all manners of sex toys and the bed had leather shackles attached to the posts.

“Do you want to play?”

He draped the blindfold over my eyes and tied it behind my head, and suddenly I was all too aware of the way my nipples chafed against my bra and how there seemed to be a waterfall coming out of my pussy. He pulled my jacket off and then one by one undid the buttons of my blouse. His fingers slipped underneath my pants and down came them and my panties, and then off came the bra. I was totally naked.

I could hear him moving around me but he only seemed to be taking in the sight of my body, maybe deciding what he was going to do to me. He took my wrist and led me over to the bed I saw in the corner. I loved the feel of the smooth silk as he pushed me down on it, and then he took each of my limbs and slipped them into the shackles, then clamped them shut. I was completely locked in place.

The blindfold had slipped up just enough for me to get a glimpse of Shawn as he took off his clothes. His body was absolutely delicious, every muscle hard and well-defined. I started drooling, both from my mouth and from my pussy. I wanted to taste him so much.

Once he was done, he approached me again and began fluttering his fingers over my skin, teasing me. He grabbed one of my breasts and squeezed and I moaned and shuddered at his touch. His lips puckered around my nipple and sent electric shocks radiating through me.

And that’s only one small part! Wait until you see the rest!

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New Release: The Hottie Next Door

THND Cover

Feeling bored? Want something hot to spice up your life? Boy have I got just the thing:

Nineteen year old Ellie just graduated from high school but her restrictive parents won’t let her have any fun. But when a totally hot older man moves in next door, there’s no way she can stop herself!

Once she gets a taste, she won’t be able to stop herself from coming back for more. Now if only she can make sure her parents don’t find out…

Think you can handle it? Go get it now on Amazon, only $0.99!

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