Teaser: The Dinner Party

TDPa Teaser

Got something extra spicy for you today! Hope you like it:

Julie went into the bathroom before she screamed and when she caught a glimpse of her old, dowdy work clothes in the mirror, she knew they wouldn’t be enough to impress Cal Meyer.

Oh my god. This was really happening.

It was almost like a dream. She came out of the bathroom and started looking through her clothes for something that she’d look hot in. She didn’t have to; she could tell Mitch no or lock the bedroom door or just plain walk out. But deep inside of her, she knew she’d never do that.

She came back out in a dress that was so short that she had only ever used it as a top, and the black leather boots she loved. Mitch gave her a thumbs up as he finished cooking dinner. He brought out the good wine that they were saving for a special occasion. Apparently her pussy wouldn’t be enough to impress the boss.

He arrived at seven thirty and at first everything was normal. They ate, they talked, they laughed. Julie thought that maybe it was only a dinner after all. It was such a relief. Then Cal stood up.

“It’s time to get started,” he said. “Where do you want to do this?”

“I don’t know.” Mitch looked at her. “Honey, where’s good for you? The bedroom?”

Julie nodded numbly. Cal took her hand and led her away, allowing her one more glimpse at her husband before shutting the door. And he looked more excited about it than she did.

“Where do you keep the belts?” Cal asked.

“Top drawer.”

He went over and took out several and Julie couldn’t believe that this wasn’t another one of her fantasies. Then he came over to her, a massive erection jutting in his pants, and had her lift her arms so he could remove her dress. Underneath she had on the lacy bra and panties she usually saved for her anniversary… or a day when she felt she needed an extra boost. Cal nodded approvingly.

He unhooked the bra, tugged her panties down her legs. Then he ran his hands all over her body, massaging her back until she relaxed into his touch. Suddenly it didn’t bother her as much that her husband was listening in from the next room while his boss fucked her senseless.

His lips pressed against her neck and traveled down her arm, and then he looped the belt around her wrist and the bedpost, leaving her enough room to squirm but not enough to get free. Her heart started pounding, heat blazed through her body.

Tied up and helpless, she watched as he removed his clothes and revealed his rock hard body. Every muscle was defined, all the way down to his thick, glistening cock. The guilt and the shame took hold of her again and Julie struggled against the belts, which only seemed to get him hotter. Cal climbed up next to her on the bed and brushed his hands across her stomach. She gasped as tingles shot through her.

And that’s only the start of this hot encounter! Strap in and get ready for the rest!

❤ Aurora


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