New Release: The Helpful Hotwife

THHo Cover

Okay, it’s here! It’s slightly different than my usual fare, a tad more humorous, and more about keeping things hot when you’ve been married for years. Here;s the blurb:

Lina gives some innocent advice to a friend and somehow finds herself being roped into saving her sex life… by sleeping with the woman’s husband!

She’s no expert but suddenly everyone thinks she knows the secrets to a successful sex life, and all this might end up having an effect on her own marriage.

It’s a fun, hot story, so go pick it up on Amazon today, only $0.99!

❤ Aurora

Teaser: The Helpful Hotwife


This one’s a bit on the shorter side, I know, how cruel. But I assure you, there’s nothing but quality:

He came up to her, his cock standing upright and glistening with pre-cum. It was thick and throbbing.

“Guess I’ll just practice all that on you then.” He unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her breasts, her white stomach. He came around behind her and kissed her shoulder while he unhooked her bra. “This working for you?” he said in a husky voice. Lina sighed out a yes.

His hands moved down to her skirt and slowly slid it down her legs, but then without warning he hefted her up over his shoulder and carried her up the stairs to a bedroom. Her heart pounded in her chest as he dropped her on the bed and she realized that this was really happening.

“What are you going to do to me?” she said.

“Go down on you, get you warmed up. We’ve got some butt plugs if you want to use them.”

“No, not for me.”

He seemed disappointed. “You’re definitely different from Bianca. I guess that’s the point of all this.”

He took one of her legs in his hand and sucked on her toes, an interesting sensation, before working his way up the inside of her leg to her warm, inviting slit. His tongue lapped up all of the juices leaking out of her and slid up and down between her folds, making her gasp when he finally hit her clit. He backed off from it, but stuck a finger up inside of her, curling it around, pressing until he found the sweet spot that made her grab fistfuls of the sheets and let out a cry. He sucked on her clit and while she found herself enjoying it, his hands were what really worked for her. Remembering she was there to teach him out to communicate, she let him know.

Theo stood up straight. “What about getting on your stomach?”

She turned over. “Like this? Can you still get to me?”

He grinned, and then he was at her pussy again running his tongue up and down. The pressure on the inside of her clit was amazing and she cried out again as she sunk into the ecstasy. Then he grabbed her legs and held them apart while his thick cock pressed against her slit. She wasn’t even able to think as he began pushing his way inside of her.

If you want more, pick up a copy next week!

❤ Aurora

New Release: A Chance Encounter

ACE Cover

It’s here! I like nothing more than a dash of romance and a lot of longing. And here’s the blurb:

Carrie has always been the kind of girl that guys ignore, so when a mysterious stranger propositions her, she doesn’t know what to think.

She gives into temptation, but soon finds that once will never be enough. The question is, will she be able to find him again?

Go get it now on Amazon, only $0.99!

❤ Aurora

Teaser: A Chance Encounter

ACE Teaser

Anyone else looking for something to liven up these long, gray days? I know I am, and this is what keeps me entertained:

I hit the down button and one set opened immediately. Only one man inside. I got in but before I could press the button for my floor, he hit another one going up.

“Hey, what gives?” I said. The doors had already closed. I couldn’t jump out to find another.

“I forgot something upstairs and I need to get it now,” he said coolly. I rolled my eyes. Whatever. Then, when we got there, he turned to me before he left. “Do me a favor and hold this for me, will you? I’ll only be a few seconds.”

I folded my arms across my chest. “Fine.”

It was not a few seconds. More like five minutes, and when he came back he expressed surprise that I had waited. I was such an idiot. No wonder guys never liked me. I was such a doormat.

“How about this, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee to thank you,” he said.

“There’s coffee here.”

“And you’d take it over a decent cup from the place down the block?”

I checked my phone. No messages. I could probably go for a short break.

“How long have you worked here?” he asked.

“About six months.”

“Really? I should have noticed you sooner.”

My cheeks went hot. I couldn’t believe he was flirting with me, his eyes going up and down my body. He couldn’t be for real.

“Forget the coffee,” he said. “Want to head to my car and fool around?”

“What? No! I couldn’t!”

“Couldn’t or wouldn’t? The latter I’ll accept. The former I don’t believe for one second.”

I couldn’t even speak. It would have been so much easier to say no if he wasn’t so good looking, with baby blue eyes and what looked like a toned physique under that tailored suit of his.

“I guarantee you won’t regret it,” he said.

I couldn’t bring myself to refuse.

This was the most not unlike me thing I had ever done in my life. He hit the button for the garage and I kept expecting someone else to come on and notice the energy between us. No one did. Maybe I should have jumped out at my floor and pretended that it never happened, but I knew I’d regret it forever if I did.

We were alone when we stepped out into the garage and he slipped an arm around me and squeezed my ass. Wow, he really was into me. If I wasn’t so nervous, I’d be flattered.

His car was nice, unsurprisingly, a sleek black sports model that looked like it would eat up the road. He opened the passenger side and got in—more room, he said—then patted his lap for me to climb in on top of him.

My heart thudded so loudly I was sure he had to hear it. I climbed in straddling him and could feel between my legs that he was hard already. All of my fears and objections flew out the window.

“Come on, let me see those tits,” he said. I unbuttoned my shirt for him and then he yanked down my bra. He pressed his face between my breasts and began kissing and licking them. I never had a guy so enthusiastic about me before.

His hands moved all over my body, up around my back to pull me close to down around my ass. He reached underneath my skirt and stroked my pussy through my panties, sending a tingle radiating out. I gasped and bit down on my lip.

I hope you had a happy Valentines Day! Stay hot and keep your eyes peeled for my next story!

❤ Aurora

New Release: Working It

WI B Cover

Are you ready for three hot stories of girls being bad? I know I am. Here’s the blurb:

If one story of a hot, demanding boss just isn’t enough for you, then how about three?

These women are being bad, and they’ll have to be punished for it. And if they can’t please the boss, they might have to work a little harder!

Because I love you, it’s only $0.99 for this week, so go pick up a copy today.

Happy Valentines!

❤ Aurora

Teaser: Working It

ITWTB Teaser

This week is another bundle, so that means three hot stories if you just can’t get enough. Here’s a taste:

Even though he insisted on lingering over the meal, we finally left and went out to his car, a cool breeze running up my skirt and across my pussy. The valet brought his car around but after we pulled away from the restaurant, Mr. Pierce drove down the street at a leisurely pace and parked in the first spot he came to. Then his hand rested on my knee and began moving up, higher and higher along the inside of my thigh.

“We can’t do that here!” I said.

“Why not?”

“We’re in the middle of a public street! There are people everywhere.”

One of his fingers found my clit and rubbed around it. “If you really want me to stop, just say it.”

But I couldn’t, because the last thing I wanted was for him to stop teasing me. His fingers slide across my folds and I spread my legs wider to accommodate him. He pressed down on my pussy and I let out a little moan as a delightful shiver racked my body.

My heart started racing and I tightly gripped the seat. One second he would be rubbing all around me and the next a finger was pushing inside of me and pressing all around. My body went tight and my breathing came in harsh gasps. And that was when he stopped.

I stared at him as he licked the juices from my pussy off of his fingers. He turned his car back on and now my pussy was so sensitive that the vibrations seemed to hurt. It seemed like he preferred driving me crazy to finishing me off.

The next time the car stopped it was in another garage, and Mr. Pierce got out and came around to open the door for me. I got out on shaky legs and was glad to take the arm he offered me. If I wasn’t allowed to get off soon, I thought I was going to burst into flame.

We went across the garage to an elevator that took us up to the top floor—his penthouse, of course. It was modern, sparsely decorated, with a balcony that gave an incredible view of the city. I could have stared at the setting sun for hours, but then he came up behind me.

“Now the fun really begins,” he said.

His hands wrapped around me, pulling my blouse out of my skirt and yanking it open hard enough that one of the buttons went flying. He unhooked my bra and released my breasts, and although he glanced at them (I always thought they were my best feature), he seemed focused on the rest of me. He pulled down my skirt and I stepped out of my shoes, and there I was, naked before one of the richest men in the city, if not the world.

Before I could react, he scooped me up in his arms and carried me across the living room and down a hall to a closed door, and when I saw what was on the other side I doubted he ever showed it off as much as the rest of the place. It was full of sex toys, and hanging from the middle of the ceiling was a pair of chains. It didn’t take me long to figure out where this was going.

Mr. Pierce—or perhaps I should have been calling him Craig at this point—put me down in front of the chains and locked my wrists in place. I shook them and heard the chains rattle.

“You can’t get out, can you?” he asked.

Three times the heat, three times the fun. Be sure to pick up a copy next week!

❤ Aurora

New Release: Dreaming About The Professor

DATP Cover

It’s here! A hot, sweet story of love (or maybe lust?) at first sight:

Casey’s conservative parents don’t let her have much fun, and she certainly doesn’t think things will be different now that she’s at college.

Then she meets smoldering, steamy Professor Slater and she can’t get him out of her head. It can never be more than fantasy… can it?

Casey’s in for one wild ride, and she’s going to find out she wants more!

Pick up a copy today on Amazon, only $0.99!

❤ Aurora

Teaser: Dreaming About The Professor

TDS Teaser

This one’s a bit short, but definitely sweet:

Professor Slater’s eyes widened a bit, but he looked remarkably unfazed by what I said. I, on the other hand, thought I was going to burst into flame from my embarrassment levels. At least when I was dead I wouldn’t have to worry about this humiliation anymore.

“I mean, she accused me of liking you,” I told him. “Everyone was talking and… I don’t even know how we got on that subject. She kept teasing me about it. It’s not true, obviously. So she said I had to go to the lecture and… and…”

“I suppose I was wrong,” the professor said. “You clearly weren’t lying before because you absolutely are now.”

“I am not!”

I wanted to run away but my legs seemed rooted to the ground. It wouldn’t have helped anyway. I still had to see him in class. Better to calmly explain that he was mistaken. If only I could do that.

“I have to admit,” he said. “You are one of my more attractive students. I might consider you if you stop your panicky denials and admit you want to sleep with me.”

My heart was pounding wildly in my chest. In the distance, there were some people talking, walking down the hall, slamming doors.

This had to be a dream, the most realistic dream ever. Because the professor I’d been lusting over couldn’t have just propositioned me. That wasn’t the kind of thing that happened in real life. Except he was staring at me, his eyes crawling up my body. His nostrils flared and he even licked his lips.


“Well? Hurry up. I have other things I need to be doing.”

This could be everything I ever hoped for. But it was wrong. I couldn’t. I wasn’t that type of girl.

“I like you, Professor Slater.”

“In what way?” He seemed to relish making me uncomfortable.

“I’m attracted to you, okay? There. I said it.”

He grinned. “That’s my girl.”

He took my hand and pulled me into a darkened room, a small class room that had been converted into storage. There were lots of desks, many of them broken, projectors, boxes, tables—it was one of these that he led me to, lifting me on top of it.

My head was in his hands and then he was kissing me. It was better than I could have dreamed. He began to unbutton my blouse and I stiffened in his arms for a few seconds before I was able to shut away those anxious thoughts. All my life I had been the good girl. Now it was time to be bad.

One hand slipped underneath my bra and fondled my breast, rolling the nipple between his fingers. The other moved down to the hem of my long, appropriate for church skirt and began exploring underneath. He tickled the inside of my thigh and then found my moistened panties. He pulled them down and probed my pussy.

Lots of longing and instalove in this one. Check it out next week!

❤ Aurora