New Release: Sexy Doctors

SD B Cover

You ready for three stories and three hot doctors? Because I’ve got the bundle for you:

Sometimes you just can’t resist a call from the doctor!

These three women are lonely and couldn’t be more surprised when handsome doctors come to their rescue. They’re desperate for it, and if they behave, they just might get it.

Go get it now on Amazon. It’s $0.99 for this week only!

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Teaser: Sexy Doctors

TFC Teaser

Got another bundle for you this week, full of sexy doctors and the girls who love them:

I was so keyed up that I could barely sit still during the drive into the city. Mom seemed to dismiss it as nerves, maybe even fear that I might get caught being a slut.

It was a big practice and it was a panicky few seconds before I found the name Andrews on the sign out front. We went to the reception desk and checked in, and then sat in the waiting room filling out forms. My heart was racing and it sounded like a drumroll was going off in my ear. When a nurse called my name, I practically jumped.

“No need to be nervous,” the nurse said. I looked back at Mom to make sure she wouldn’t try to follow us. Her lips were pressed into a line, but she stayed put.

The nurse showed me into a room and gave me one of those flimsy gowns to change into, and then she left. I put on the gown and sat on the table to wait. Luckily it wasn’t for long.

The door opened and Doctor Andrews came in grinning. He shut the door behind him and twisted the lock so no one would disturb us.

“If it isn’t my new favorite patient,” he said. “I promised your mother I would do a very thorough examination of your virginity.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

The smile widened.

He came up to me and pushed me back on the bed, taking one of my legs in his hand and slipping it into a stirrup that he clamped in place. Then he repeated the process on the other side. With my legs locked in place, all I could do was lie there as he stepped between them and began walking his fingers up the inside of my thigh. He leaned in close—a visual inspection, he called it—and I shivered at the feel of his breath against my pussy.

“I wonder how wet you can really get,” he said. Then I felt his tongue lashing across my clit and my body seemed to vibrate. I gripped the table as his tongue slid back and forth, in between my folds, up inside of me to lap up every bit of the juices leaking out of me.

He sucked on my clit until an electric charge radiated out, so powerful that it made me shake the table. After that it was too sensitive to be touched but his gentle hands probed inside of me and the pressure was enough to set me off into another raging climax.

“Tell me,” he said. “How badly have you wanted this?”

“So badly. I dreamed about it at night and fantasized about it all day.”

“Then show me your desperation.”

“I’ll do anything,” I mewled. Then I heard him unzip his fly.

He came up alongside of me and in his hand was a gargantuan cock dribbling with pre-cum. I reached out and took it in my hand, shocked at the hot throbbing. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who wanted it badly.

As always, it’ll be ready for you next week! See you then!

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New Release: At The Club

ATC Cover

You ready for my latest story? Because it’s here:

An invitation to a fancy club only makes Allie feel out of her depths, but when a handsome stranger offers her a ride home, it turns into a night she’ll never forget!

He’s kind and handsome and fabulously rich… so why is it that he’s interested in her?

Sometimes you just have to write what your heart wants, and it totally wanted this story. Go get it now on Amazon, only $0.99.

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Teaser: At The Club

ATC Teaser

After last week’s spicy, how about something a little sweeter? Check it out:

He pulled up in front of my building. The window to my apartment was dark so Chrystal probably wasn’t home yet. I hoped she wouldn’t be calling wondering where I was.”

“I am,” Liam said. “Now you can get out here or, if you like, come back with me to my apartment. We can have ourselves a good time and I’ll even get you a new phone so I won’t forget your number. What do you say?”

I stared at my hands. No one had ever propositioned me like that in my life. Something about what he said really struck me, about doubting myself while others pulled ahead. Chrystal was always criticizing my fashion choices, and everyone at work took advantage of me. But here was this hot guy with the most amazing blue eyes I had ever seen saying that he wanted to fuck me.

“Well?” he said.

“I’d really like to go back to your place.”

He grinned and the car was off again. I wasn’t all that surprised that he drove me uptown and we pulled into a parking garage next to a building I could only dream of living in. Liam definitely seemed like he came from money, which only made it all the more baffling that he was interested in me.

We rode the elevator all the way up to the top floor, stepping straight out into his apartment. The outer wall was entirely made of glass, although there wouldn’t be any worries about being seen from this height. There was a private terrace and even a hot tub. I couldn’t imagine why he ever needed to go to the club.

“This place is amazing,” I said.

“You’re dripping on my carpet.”

I jumped back but he laughed and I knew he wasn’t upset about it. Instead he took me in his arms and pulled me close to him, not caring that I was ruining his carpet or his fancy suit. If anything, he seemed to like it.

His hands moved all over my body, stroking me up underneath my skirt. I could feel his hardness pressing into me, and I never wanted anyone more in my life. I undid the buckle of his pants and unzipped them, sliding down to my knees and reaching in to take out his cock. I marveled at the size of it, unable to even close my hand around the shaft. I wanted it all.

I wanted to show him how grateful I was for his help. I licked the tip, pre-cum spurting across my tongue, and slid it up along the shaft. Admittedly, I wasn’t very experienced in this regard and only had the knowledge of what I read in dirty books to fall back on, but me popping him in my mouth and moving in and out seemed to be working for him. When he wanted me to grab it and squeeze it gently in my hand, all he had to do was say so.

I really just wanted to write something romantic and loving, in addition to being totally super sexy. Look for it next week.

❤ Aurora

New Release: Blackmailing The Professor

BTP Cover

Here we go! One hot BDSM story coming up:

Lori thought it would be a cinch to persuade Professor Dalton into giving her a coveted internship, but she’s about to find out that blackmailing him is not so easy!

Now she’s in big trouble, and if she doesn’t go along with the professor’s punishment, she could lose everything. And she’s beginning to think that she might enjoy it more than she thinks she does…

Like it? Go get it on Amazon, only $0.99! Hope you love it!

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Teaser: Blackmailing The Professor

BTP Teaser

If last week left you wanting more (hey, it’s possible!) then don’t worry, I’ve got more waiting for you:

“I can already see that you’ve realized what an idiot you’ve been,” the professor said, smiling as he shook his head. “But don’t think that you’ll be getting off that easy. You’ve insulted me and I won’t let that slide without punishment.”

I looked down at my feet. “Idiot” was putting it mildly. I went for the door, fumbled with the lock and opened it but Professor Dalton came up behind me and slammed it shut.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he said.

“You can’t do anything to me!”

“That’s where you’re wrong. For something like this, I could get you kicked out of school. That wouldn’t look very good when you’re begging for work with your incomplete degree.”

“What? You can’t do that!”

He grinned. “You better start packing your things. I can guarantee you’ll be out of here by the end of the week.”

“No, please. Let’s just forget this whole thing. I’ll do anything.”

The words came out of my mouth before I could stop them. They could have been phrased better, but he seemed to like the dirty things they were implying. A shiver of delight radiated up from my pussy. The fantasies boiling through my brain were just that, fantasies. And then…

“We might be able to arrange something,” Professor Dalton said. “But I’d need to know that you were committed to making up for your rude behavior.”

“Of course I am,” I said, and if I heard the tremor in my voice than he had to as well.

“Prove it to me. Take off your pants and your underwear.”


“I don’t like repeating myself,” he said.

I swallowed hard and then pushed my shorts and panties down to my ankles, trying to turn away and cover my nakedness. As well as the fact that his mere presence was making me gush with juices.

“That’s a girl. Now brace yourself against my desk. I want to see that nice round ass of yours.”

An ache settled into my pussy as I did as he instructed. It was weird that I wasn’t embarrassed. I liked the idea of him staring as my ass and taking it all in. Then his hand came down on it with a resounding smack that made me jolt.

“What was that?” I cried.

“The first step of your punishment,” he said. He brought his hand down again and it was so hard that it brought tears to my eyes. Maybe I deserved it, but it really stung.

Lots of hot BDSM fun in this one. Be sure to pick up a copy next week!

❤ Aurora

New Release: Dream Your Dirty Dream

DYDD B Cover

Here we go, a sexy forty four book bundle that should last you a nice long time (pun intended). Here’s the blurb:

If one story isn’t enough, how about over forty?

We’ve got good girls being bad, brats being punished, and wives stepping out into a world they never imagined, plus a whole lot more. Sexy exams, hot professors, and lots of hot, dirty action.

Come have some fun. You know you want to.

With all these stories, there’s something for everyone. Come on and check it out. It’s a special price of $2.99 on Amazon for this week only, so get your copy today!

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Teaser: Dream Your Dirty Dream

DYDD B Teaser

I’ve got something special for you next week. This bundle isn’t just going to be three stories or even eleven, but forty four hot, sexy scenarios. You want a peek at what you’ll be getting? Check it out:

“So what are we going to do?” I asked as I got into Aaron’s car.

“What aren’t we going to do?”

He drove sensibly until we got away from the university, then he really tore up the highway. The vibrations from the car reached all the way to my pussy. I was getting so desperate for it that I thought I was going to die.

He took me to his apartment and I went in eager for the fun to start. But when he opened his door I was shocked to see that there were already people inside. It was a bunch of the other guys from the team, including Greg and the linebackers Shawn and Ray, and they all looked eager to see me.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“I thought you wanted some fun,” Aaron said. “And we’re going to give you a night you’ll never forget.”

They surrounded me, pulling at my clothes, practically tearing them off. Ray pushed me down on the bed and began kissing down my body until he reached my dripping slit. He lapped up every bit of my juices and continued to lash his tongue across my clit until I was screaming.

“Better fill that mouth with something,” Aaron said, coming up next to me. He stripped off his clothes and his cock was hard and ready for me. I eagerly reached out and wrapped my lips around it. I sucked away and pulled him in my mouth as far as I could, all the way to the back of my throat. He grabbed onto my head and held me in place while he fucked my mouth.

Then Shawn was there and he wanted a turn so I released Aaron and moved over. Sometimes it was hard to focus with my pussy being licked to pieces. But oh, it felt so good just to have a cock in my mouth.

I reached out and grabbed one of the others, rubbing him up and down and feeling him strong and thick in my hand. For a second it was hard to believe that it was me being a slut like this, but then pleasure radiated out from my clit and my doubts were dispelled.

“I got to have that pussy,” Greg said, shoving Ray out of the way. He lifted my legs up and prodded me with his cock. He shoved inside of me and it was almost like my pussy was clinging to him so he wouldn’t let me go.

He pumped me and I let go of the cocks in my mouth and hands because I was rocking back and forth so hard. The other guys didn’t like it and they wanted their own piece of the action. Ray grabbed me and flipped me over, gripping my legs while he shoved inside of me. He gave my ass a slap as he had his own go at me. Shawn wanted more of my mouth and he came around the front so I could deep-throat him while I got fucked from behind. It was so much fun to be a slut!

And that’s only one part of one story! You know the rest are just as good, and I can’t wait to show them to you. Be ready for it next week!

❤ Aurora

New Release: The Brat And The Billionaire

TBrATB Cover

Ready for a steamy BDSM story to spice up your life? Well, here it is, just for you:

Marissa likes hot guys and expensive things, but when she runs afoul to billionaire Thomas Riley she discovers that hot and rich might be more than she can handle.

She’s too much of a brat to do what he says. And she’s about to learn what kind of punishment naughty girls get from him…

Go get it now on Amazon, only $0.99!

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