Teaser: The Doctor’s Exam

TDE Teaser

Anyone else feeling a little cold? No worries. I have something to warm you up:

“Do we really have to do this?” I said. “It’s so humiliating for my parents to do this to me.”

“They’re worried that you haven’t been behaving yourself. Tell me, are those concerns justified.”

My cheeks went hot. “N-no. Of course not.”

“You’re a poor liar. No wonder they called for me. Now take off your clothes. It’s time to get started.”

“Right in front of you?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve seen it all before.”

I couldn’t believe he’d say that. Still, I’d be lying if I said I was all that upset by it. I turned away from him and pulled my shirt off, then unhooked my bra. I shoved my pants and panties down and grabbed a sheet to wrap around myself. When I turned to face the doctor, I found him staring with more than a little interest.

“See something you like?” I said.

“Get on the bed,” he ordered. “Spread your legs apart and scoot down. I’d like to see what I have to work with.”

Now it wasn’t just my cheeks that were hot. Every inch of me trembled as he stepped between my legs and bent down to check out my pussy. He’d probably see how wet I was.

“Do you masturbate often?” he said.

“Does that matter?”

“It would explain how quick you are to respond.” There was the snap of latex and his gloved hand brushed my thigh. “External exam shows no sign of recent sexual activity.”


“But an internal exam might reveal otherwise. You never answered my question.”

“I like to fuck myself, is that so wrong?”

“Not at all. If anything, it would deter sexual activity with boys, which I’m sure is what your parents are after. Have you had sex with boys?”

For some reason, I thought I could trust him. Or maybe I wanted him to keep touching me, his fingers sliding up and down between my folds. He pressed below my clit and a jolt radiated out from my pussy.

“I kind of did once,” I admitted. “I touched him and he touched me, but it didn’t go any further.”

“Let me guess, he shot off before you could even get started. That’s the trouble with boys your age. They’re all about themselves. They have no idea what it takes to please a woman.”

One of his fingers pushed inside of me while his thumb gently rubbed my clit. I gripped my bed, squeezing handfuls of the sheets and struggling to hold in a scream. The doctor kept on like that, going in and out, in and out, flicking my clit in a way I never thought of before. His touch was light, but he had to know what he was doing to me.

Lots more hot action where that came from. It’ll be all ready for you next week!

❤ Aurora

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