Teaser: The Boss’s Favorite

TBF Teaser

Anyone looking for a special holiday treat to keep warm? Well, have I got something for you:

Dismay flooded through me, quickly followed by anger. Fired. Fired. Well, fine. I guess that meant I didn’t have to hold back anymore.

“You rich, entitled asshole,” I said, causing Mr. Grayson to look up and really see me for maybe the first time. “If you think you can get rid of me that easily, you better think again. I’ll bleed you dry for having the gall to fire me. Not the company, you personally.”

“Better,” he said, standing up. “About time you show some backbone.”

“I’ll ruin you.”

He laughed. “As if you could. People who are far more powerful than you have tried.”

“Good, underestimate me. It will make it all the sweeter when you have to sell your shares of the company to pay me off.”

“You do have guts, at least when you’re provoked. Now if you tell me how sorry you are, maybe I’ll reconsider.”

“Fuck you.”

A grin spread across his face. There was a gleam in his eye and in that second I knew that this was a game for him, something like foreplay. I should have bolted right there and then, but my legs seemed rooted to the ground. Or, if I’m being honest, I didn’t want to.

“That’s my girl,” he said. “The Lina I was so struck by. I hired you just so I’d have the chance of seeing you again.”

“Then why’d you fire me?” I couldn’t seem to keep the tremor out of my voice. A heat was rising between us, electric and volatile.

“I’d like you to show me what you can do,” he said. “Maybe I’ll reward you for it. You could get your job back. Or something a lot sweeter.”

I could have walked out and gone straight to a lawyer’s office, but I didn’t want to, and I was sure that he knew I wouldn’t. I dropped to my knees in front of him and undid the zipper of his fly with my teeth. He was already hard, his thick, red cock jutting forward.

Gently, I closed my hand around the shaft and rubbed him up and down, stopping to cradle his balls, moving down to run my thumb around the tip. My pussy throbbed painfully.

“Hurry up and suck it,” he said, his voice husky.

I stuck my tongue out, not wanting him to figure out how inexperienced I was. I spent all my time working, not screwing around with guys. The closest I got to a lot of these activities was the stories my girlfriends told me.

My tongue slid around the tip and Mr. Grayson let out a deep sigh. I ran it up and down, making sure to taste test every inch of his cock. The salty taste of cum hit me but it was only a few drops and I gobbled him harder. He gripped my head and urged me deeper, but I didn’t need the encouragement. I wanted all of him inside me.

It will be ready for you next week! Stay warm!

❤ Aurora


New Release: Working For The Dean

WFTDe Cover

One of my most favorite fantasies is good girls who will do anything to be bad. Which is what this story is all about:

Shannon is at college, away from home for the first time. She’s trying to be a good girl, but when she meets a mysterious stranger who promises her a good job, she can’t resist all he has to offer.

She can’t get the encounter out of her head, and then she finds out that her new boss, the dean, is the man of her dreams!

You can pick it up now on Amazon, only $0.99!

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Teaser: Working For The Dean

WFTDe Teaser

I’m feeling bored, and more than a little horny. So why not have some fun? Check it out:

He moved next to me, resting his arm against the wall so I was almost boxed in. Now I was forced to look at him and a pleasurable shiver ran up my spine. The scent of his musk filled my nose and I swayed until I was leaning back against the wall. My pussy was wet. I wanted him to take me right there and then. And I was pretty sure that he knew it, too.

“I’m Shannon Thornton,” I told him, struggling to keep my voice steady.

“Do you have any experience that we’d find useful?”


Why was I finding it so impossible to speak? Maybe if he wasn’t always staring at me with those dark, probing eyes that seemed to be examining every curve in my body.

“I’m a fast learner,” I said. “And I never give up on a task. I’d definitely be useful to you.”

But he didn’t look impressed. “Is that all? We have a dozen girls a day coming in here claiming to have the same qualities. If that’s the best you can do, you might as well leave now.”

I licked my lips and stared him right in the eyes. My pussy was throbbing in a way it never had before. That must have been why I said what I did. It was so unlike me…

“Let me show you,” I said in a low, husky voice I didn’t recognize as my own. “I’m sure that you’d be pleased with everything I could do for you.”

A smirk touched the corners of his lips. “Why don’t we step into this office here?”

He held out his hand. Of course I took it.

There was a few seconds where I thought I was going to run away, but my body seemed to be responding without my mind’s input. I took the stranger’s hand and he shoved open the door to a darkened office. Was it even his? I didn’t know, and was beyond caring.

My parents were going to kill me for this. But then his hands were all over my body, slipping underneath my skirt and cupping my ass. I grinded up against him and felt his hardness pushing into my stomach. It felt more like a pipe than a cock. I pressed harder.

“You uptight girls are so much fun when you finally let loose,” he said. He squeezed my ass, then let go to move up unhook my bra. He yanked it down and started massaging my breasts. I let out a small moan.

He tugged my panties down off my legs so he could get at my slick, wet pussy. He stroked it, found my clit and prodded around it. A shock went through my body and I grabbed onto him before I fainted. He shoved me back on a desk and made me spread my legs so he could get a finger up inside of me. I was going to cry out his name only to realize that I didn’t know what it was.

The rest of this spicy story will be ready for you next week! Be sure to pick up a copy!

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New Release: Oh, My! Professors

OMP B Cover

Are you ready for it? I hope so! Three hot stories make for one blazing bundle! Check out the blurb:

When you’re away at college, sometimes you get bored. And sometimes the professors are a distraction.

These three students are working for more than just good grades. They’ll do anything to please their professors…and they’re going to have to!

Like the way that sounds? Go get a copy on Amazon! It’s $0.99 for this week only!

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Teaser: Oh, My! Professors

PTP Teaser

This one’s another bundle, three hot stories of students hot for the professor. Here’s just one spicy tidbit:

Professor Drayton wasn’t in his office, big surprise, so I sat down to wait no matter how long it took. He didn’t get back until almost three in the afternoon, but I didn’t care. He was finally standing in front of me. He couldn’t ignore me anymore.

“You again,” he said. “You’re becoming something of a pest.”

“Well, I’ve been waiting to see you forever. I’ve had enough.”

“I have a meeting—”

“No! I’m not leaving.”

His eyebrows pulled together, those blue eyes of his piercing into me. A shiver ran up my spine. He was angry with me.

The professor unlocked his door and stepped aside to let me in. My heart started beating faster as I went in, and it kicked up another notch when I heard him come in behind me and shut the door. There was a click and I knew he had turned the lock.

“What makes you think you have the right come in here demanding my time? Just who do you think you are?”


“And I got a very upset voicemail from one of my interns saying you accused her of having sex with me in order to secure her position. The absolute nerve you have astounds me. You are the brattiest girl I’ve ever met.” I heard him unbuckling his belt. “If I don’t teach you a lesson, then who will?”

My pussy started burning hot. The professor grabbed my bag and threw it off against the wall, then seized a handful of my shirt to pull me close to him, making it tear along the seams. He yanked it over my head and then pulled my bra down to expose my breasts, taking one and giving it a squeeze.

“I think we both know who the real slut is,” he said. “Now I want to hear you say it.”

“It’s me. I’m the slut.”

“More. Tell me how much you want this.”

“I don’t just want it, I need it! I can’t stop thinking about you. If you don’t fuck me now, I’ll go crazy.”

He put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me down to my knees. “Now it’s time for you to show me how much you want it.”

He unzipped his fly and took out the biggest, thickest cock that I had ever seen. Granted, I had only ever seen them in pictures that I hastily deleted from my computer, but it was smacking me in the face.

“One taste and you’ll be a slave to my cock forever,” he said.

I gripped it lightly with one hand and rubbed it up and down, surprised at the power I felt from it. I leaned forward and stuck out my tongue, rolling it across the tip and sucking up the pre-cum dribbling out. One hand rested on my head as he pushed into my mouth. There wasn’t anything I could do but take it.

I kept working my hands up and down the shaft while I swirled my tongue around the piece of him in my mouth. God, he tasted so good, and then he started talking about what a slut I was, how I was nothing more than a toy to him, how I would take everything he had to give me. Pleasure radiated out from my pussy, and it wasn’t even involved.

There’s a lot more where that came from! Get it next week! I’ll see you then!

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New Release: Hello, Doctor

HD Cover

Here it is! Hot, sexy examinations! If you want to indulge in some naughtiness, then look no further:

Sydney has always tried to be a good girl, but as her parents drive her home from college, they decide that she needs to prove it. And who better to administer such a test than a gorgeous doctor?

This definitely isn’t a typical exam, and Sydney can’t get enough. New desires are awakening in her, and only a doctor can handle them!

Go grab a copy from Amazon, only $0.99! And enjoy an extra treat for the holidays!

❤ Aurora

Teaser: Hello, Doctor

HD Teaser

Brrr, it’s getting cold. Need something to warm you up?

I showered, I dressed, I anxiously paced the room. When I heard a car door slam my heart leapt into my throat and I ran to the window praying it was Dad. Nope. A strange car, sleek and shiny. And a man walking across the driveway with a black bag in his hand. It was really happening.

The doorbell rang and I heard Mom go to let him in. I crept closer to the stairs where I could listen in without being seen and heard Mom explaining how I was a good girl most of the time, but what if I wasn’t behaving myself away at college? He replied something soothing and I didn’t know why, but his deep, rich voice sent shivers up my spine.

“I’m sure I’ll be able to put your mind at ease,” he said.

“Good. You know how these college students can get…”

They were moving towards me. I jumped up and ran back to my room, throwing open the door and having to grab the handle before it slammed into the wall.

“You should stay down here,” the doctor said.

“What? Why?” Suspicion rose in her voice.

“I can get more honest answers without you in the room,” he said. “Don’t worry. I’ll report everything back to you.”

“Oh. All right. Sydney’s room is the second on the right.”

She didn’t sound thrilled. It was a good thing Dad wasn’t around. He definitely would have made a scene.

His footsteps started climbing the stairs and I ran into my room. A million things rushed through my head. Leave the door open or close it? Act like I knew he was there or be surprised? I couldn’t make a decision and then he was standing in the doorway smiling at me. He was a tall man, broad-shouldered, with a strong, handsome face. He was good looking and well aware of it.

“You must be Sydney,” he said. I made some sort of strangled reply. “No need to be nervous. I’m Doctor Paulson.”

He put his bag down on my dresser and shut the door. I was alone in my room with a gorgeous man who wanted a look at my most private area. No, nothing strange going on here.

“Tell me about yourself,” he said. Wow, his eyes were beautiful, the pale blue of a summer sky.

“What do you want to know?”

“Have you had any sexual contact?”

It was a hard question to answer, especially when I knew he was going to go running to my mother with that information.

“It’s okay,” he said. “I just told her I would tell her everything, but I won’t. I promise.”

He smiled and I found myself wanting to believe him even though he could just as easily be lying to me.

“I kissed a boy once,” I said. “He kind of put his hands on me.”

“Was he inside of you?”

My cheeks went hot. “No. It didn’t go that far.”

“But would you have let him?”

“I… I don’t know. I wanted to at the time but after we were interrupted, it kind of seemed wrong. And he left anyway.”

“Hm. It probably wouldn’t have been worth it anyway. Now take off your clothes.”

He was a doctor, I reminded myself as I turned around and pulled off my shirt and pants, hesitating to go further until he said he couldn’t perform the examination through my underwear. So off came the bra and panties.

There’s a lot more hotness to come! Pick it up next week, and be sure to stay toasty!

❤ Aurora

New Release: Fun At Work

FAW B Cover

It’s here! Eleven stories of naughty workplaces that we’d all like to be employed by. Here’s the blurb:

If you’ve ever been bored at work and just itching for some excitement, then maybe you’d like to go to these steamy hot offices.

Eleven stories, eleven chances to go have fun at work. Come join the ride.

Think you can handle it? Go get it now on Amazon, $0.99 for this week only!

❤ Aurora

Teaser: Fun At Work

TPJ Teaser

Do you ever go to work and just wish something exciting would happen? Me too. That’s why I bundled here eleven stories of women finally having a good time at their jobs. Here’s a little preview:

My heart skipped a beat. I wanted to run back into the stairwell but it was too late. Mr. Sanderson saw me. I kept my eyes down and tried to just hand him the files and shuffle away, but he made me wait while he finished his conversation.

He sent the other men away and gave me a knowing smile.

“How are you enjoying your time here?” he said.

“It’s a lot of hard work.”

“I’m sure it is. Why don’t you step into my office so we can discuss things?”

I looked around, a trifle nervous. No one was around, so hopefully I wouldn’t be the subject of rumors. I could have always left, but… No, that was never an option.

I followed him into his office, my breath catching when he locked the door behind me. My breath quickened as Drew—Mr. Sanderson—began undoing the buttons of my blouse.

“I never did get a good look at you,” he said. He exposed the tops of my creamy breasts and yanked my bra down to reveal my pert pink nipples. I shivered as he cupped his hand around one and gently squeezed. He bent down to the other and suckled, sending an electric thrill through my body.

“We shouldn’t,” I said. “I’m supposed to be working.”

He stood up straight and yanked me close. “You work for me now.”

He took me over to a sofa up against the wall, pushing me down on it, shoving my skirt up my thighs. A finger slipped underneath my panties and ripped them clean off to expose my hungry pussy.

A soft kiss landed on my inner thigh. His mouth moved closer and closer, the soft touch of his lips on me driving me wild. Then he got to my pussy. He was gentle at first, just a tongue running along the outside and licking up all my excess juices. Then he went in deep, lips on my clit, sucking deeply. I arched my back and let out a moan.

Drew’s tongue danced around my folds, slid in and out, circled my clit. It made me thrash around on the couch, my fingers digging into the soft cushion. An explosion shot through me. But he wasn’t done with me yet.

“You taste like heaven,” he said. I managed a weak smile.

When he stood up straight, there was no way for me to miss the huge bulge in the front of his pants. He took out his cock and I couldn’t believe that something that size had ever fit inside of me. It was throbbing, dribbling pre-cum. I had no idea what I was supposed to do with it.

“I can teach you,” he said, almost as if he could read my thoughts.

It would be so much more fun if this was reality! But I guess we’ll just have to settle for some hot fantasies for now.

❤ Aurora

New Release: The Dinner Party

TDPa Cover

Are you ready for it? I’ve got another hot story ready for you to enjoy. I hope you love it as much as I do:

Julie would love it if her husband got a promotion… then she goes to a company dinner party and sees first hand that it’s the wives who do all the work!

His boss has an eye on her, and this timid wife is going to have to do some naughty things if she wants to get through it. Who knows? She might decide she likes it.

If you want to get your hands on it, go buy it now on Amazon, only $0.99!

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