Teaser: Hot And In Charge

ACE Teaser

Next week’s another bundle week, so for all of you who one isn’t enough, look no further:

I tried to keep my head down at work and pretend that nothing happened, but it was hard. Every time I waited for the elevator I would get wet as I imagined that he’d be in there waiting for me. I went down to the parking garage to try and accidentally run into him. Sometimes the car we had sex in was there, sometimes there was another in its place. I had a feeling they were all his.

Then I got an email on the intra-office network. Only two words: “See me.” Since it was from R. Wilcox, I had a pretty good idea where to go.

I went up to the top floor wondering what was going to happen. Obviously we couldn’t continue seeing each other. It was inappropriate. He could even fire me for being too much of a distraction to him.

His secretary told me to go right in and I began to sweat, thinking she had to know what was going on. I opened the door and went in and the first thing Rick said was to close the door. Then he said to lock it.

“What did you want to see me about?”

He got up and came out from behind his desk. “I got to thinking how unfortunate it was that we were interrupted the other night.”

“We shouldn’t,” I said.

“Why not?”

“We’re supposed to be working.”

“I can assure you,” he said, coming around behind me, “you won’t be disciplined for it. Unless you want to be.”

I almost asked him why I’d want to be and then I realized what he was saying and my face turned bright red. His arms circled around me, working the buttons of my shirt. I could have stopped him, but I didn’t want to.

Moaning, I pressed back against him. We kissed and he slipped my shirt down my shoulders, exposing my bra. One flick and it was unhooked.

“God, I love your tits,” he said. “Now let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?”

He swept his arm across the surface and. It sounded like his computer broke when it hit the floor but he didn’t seem to care. He shoved me down on his desk and dropped down between my legs. He pushed my skirt up and tugged my panties down so he could get at my pussy. His tongue slid up and down my folds, sending delight shivering through me. My legs wrapped around his neck to hold him in place while he continued to taste me.

His tongue teased around my clit and I let out a moan, quickly clapping a hand over my mouth to stifle it. He pressed down on my lower stomach and at first I didn’t know why, but then I realized he was pushing down on the back of my clit and suddenly it wasn’t nice little tingles radiating through me but huge bolts of lightning. A finger slipped inside and not even my hands could muffle the scream that came out of me, which Rick seemed to like.

I’m afraid I cut it off just as it got to the good part, but don’t worry! You can get this and more next week!

❤ Aurora


New Release: Alone With The Doctor

awtd cover

It’s here! Ever get lonely and wish there was a hot, older man to sweep you off your feet? That might be a recurring fantasy of mine! Check out the blurb:

After getting caught with a boy, Clarissa has no choice but to prove her purity to her parents. But lucky for her, they happen to send in the hottest doctor in the world to check her.

What starts as a simple exam turns into something much more fun, and now Clarissa has to figure out how to be with the doctor of her dreams and hide it from her parents!

Like it? Go pick up a copy today on Amazon, only $0.99. Spring is here, and its time to get hot.

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Teaser: Alone With The Doctor

TFC Teaser

Got another hot doctor story for you. Check it out:

“It’s fine,” Mom said. She put her hands on my shoulders and guiding me up the stairs. Dad, thankfully, stayed where he was.

She let me go when we got to my room and retreated down the hall, far enough that she could act like she wouldn’t be listening for funny business. Then the doctor laid eyes on me and a shiver ran up my spine. He put down the black bag he’d been carrying and shut the door. And turned the lock.

“How shall we take care of this?” he said.

“What do you mean?”

“This isn’t the first time I’ve had parents fretting over their daughter’s purity. How I handle it depends on what the girl herself wants.”

“What I want is for you to tell my parents that I’m a virgin so they’ll let me go to college.”

“I can do that. But how is your sexual health? What made your parents so anxious that they called every doctor in the area until they found one that would help them?”

For the first time that day, I relaxed. He was on my side. I sat down on my bed and told him about being caught with Evan and how the very notion of me being alone with a boy freaked out my parents. I was barely alone with him, but they acted like they caught me having sex with him.

“What were you doing with him?” he said. “You can be honest.”

“We were fooling around a little. I touched him. He touched me. Does this mean I’m not a virgin anymore?”

“Some might look at it that way—your parents, for example—but I have no problem telling them you’re innocence is safe. The question is, do you want it to be?”

He sat down next to me on the bed and leaned against me. For a few seconds I was giddy with excitement that this gorgeous hunk of man would even consider being with me, but I couldn’t help thinking about what he told me.

“Do you do this with all your patients?”

“Only the ones who are interested. We can sit and wait long enough for your parents to think we conducted an exam. Or we can ‘conduct an exam’ of our own.”

Heat rushed through me. It was more than I ever dreamed of. I reached over and pulled his head close to mine and gave him a kiss.

He pushed me down on the bed. “An exam it is, then.”

He unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them and my panties down my long, lean legs. His fingers walked up my inner thigh and tickled the outside of my pussy, sliding up and down between my folds. He rubbed across my clit and electricity shot through me.

“So far so good,” he said in a husky voice. “I wonder how it tastes…”

Before I knew it he was bent down between my legs and lapping his tongue across my slit. More shocks radiated through me and a whimper escaped my lips, which was better than the scream that wanted to rip out of me. I grabbed a pillow and buried my face in it while he continued licking away at me.

I have a few things to finish up, and then it will be ready for you next week. Hope you enjoy is as much as I do!

❤ Aurora

New Release: Professor Dreams

pd b cover

Here it is, another three book bundle. Because sometimes one just isn’t enough. Here’s the blurb:

Sometimes you meet a man and just have to have him. And sometimes that man happens to be your professor.

Bundled here are three hot stories with college students who are learning to love being away from home in a place where anything can happen. They’re about to meet the hot, older men of their dreams, and nothing will stand between them!

Like what you see? Go pick up a copy today. It’s $0.99 on Amazon for this week only!

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Teaser: Professor Dreams

tds teaser

Anyone else ever get a really hot teacher and fantasize about them all the time? Come on, I know I’m not the only one:

I felt him come around behind me, and his hands rested on my shoulders and massaged them gently. At first I stiffened, but then I relaxed into it and leaned back against him. I could feel his cock jutting into me again. I reached back to hold onto him and he kissed the back of my neck. Pure heaven.

Dean Paterson pushed down the straps of my tank top and my bra so he could move his lips down my shoulder, reaching around to cup my breasts when they were free and knead them like dough. Then he moved one hand down to my leg and pulled up my skirt. He ripped my panties off and tossed them aside. There went another pair.

He whipped me around so he could kiss me and I jumped into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist. He set me down on his desk and shoved everything off so I could lay back and he could kiss his way down across my chest. His lips puckered around my nipple and I gasped as he sucked on it.

He stood up straight. “Come on. Let’s see that pussy of yours.”

Heat rose to my face, but I did as he requested, hiking my skirt up so he could get a good look at my throbbing pink slit. He bent down and buried his face in my pussy, his tongue sliding up and down and all around my clit. When he flicked it, my entire body jolted.

I could feel his tongue sliding up inside of me and exploring around. He would dart all around, up and down, in between the folds, as if trying to suck up everything that was leaking out. But I was so turned on that it was practically a waterfall. I grabbed onto the desk before I fell off.

One of his hands came up and stroked my stomach. He pressed down in different spots, getting closer and closer to my fun zone until suddenly there was a delightful burst of pleasure building in my pussy, even more than what his tongue was giving me. I told him to keep hitting me there and he increased the pressure. My entire body burst into flame.

His mouth pressed against my clit and sucked and I let out a strangled scream before clapping my hands over my face. Christine could be back and sitting right outside wondering why it sounded like I was being choked. She’d come in here and find the dean buried in my pussy and she could go around telling everyone.

Somehow, that just made everything hotter. I grabbed his head and shoved it down. Ecstasy coursed through my veins.

Not far off, a door slammed and Christine called out my name. Great, she was back. The dean wiped my pussy juice from his face and went out to tell her that he sent me home early, and that she could do the same.

And if you want the rest of it, be sure to pick up a copy next week!

❤ Aurora

New Release: The Hotwife’s Choice

thch cover

Happy new release day! If you want a hot story outside the bounds of monogamy, then here you go:

Elisa shouldn’t have lied about being married, and now that it’s out the reaction isn’t quite what she expected. The CEO is suddenly very interested in her, in a way that’s not strictly professional!

Now she has a choice to make, go along with what he wants or get fired. It seems so wrong to be with another man… but why does it feel so right?

Go get a copy on Amazon, only $0.99!

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Teaser: The Hotwife’s Choice

thch teaser

Here you go, another hint of what I’ve been working on this week:

When the door was shut, Graham put a hand on her shoulder. “Breathe, honey. We’ve got a decision to make.”

Finally, she was able to speak.

“What the hell are you talking about? What decision is there? We can’t do this sort of thing. I can’t do this sort of thing.”

“That means we’re both out of work, and we don’t have enough savings to even cover our rent this month.”

“How can you possibly be okay with the thought of me… and him…”

Then something occurred to her, something she had to be imagining. Graham had been silent the entire time they’d been in there, until Mr. Wilder had pounced on her use of anything. Graham knew what he was after. No, he couldn’t have. Right?

“Why did you tell him I would do it?” she said.

“I don’t know what you mean.” He sounded almost insulted.

“You knew what he was going to ask for, that’s why you said I’d do it.”

“Well… I’ve heard rumors. Come on, you must’ve heard the talk about him knocking up his last secretary, or how he invites couples over so he can screw around with the wife while the husband watches.”

Her mouth dropped open. She didn’t know what was more shocking, that these things might be true or that her husband seemed all right with it. Maybe he was teasing her to get back at her for the fight, but the stakes were way too high for him to be fooling around like this. But why did he look so dead serious about it?

“We have to get out of here,” she said. Graham sighed, sounding unhappy.

“We’re screwed then. We might have to move in with your parents, or mine. We’ll need some money, there’s no way our savings is enough to cover moving expenses.”

“How can you sound so disappointed?” she snapped. “You act like you’d rather me cheat on you than get fired.”

“I mean… is it really cheating if you have permission to do it?”

The question stunned her, and while it should have offended her, all she could think of was what a good loophole she had found. She shook her head, trying to clear it of the insanity, but found it hard to drive out.

“It’s wrong.”

“It would save our jobs. Our careers.”

“I could never do something like that.”

“If you don’t want to, then don’t. Just make sure that it’s because of that Victorian sense of propriety driven into you by your parents.”

“How can you not be upset by this?”

He shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal to him, but there was a wild gleam in his eyes that she hadn’t seen since their honeymoon. He really wanted her to go through with it.

None of this made sense to her, and she was out of time to answer. Mr. Wilder was back and ready for the answer.

“Have you made up your mind yet?”

“Sure, I’ll do it,” Elisa said. She still expected Graham to jump up and demand an end to the whole thing. That was a mistake.

“I knew you’d make the right choice,” Mr. Wilder said. “Now why don’t you drop down to your knees for me?”

And after that, it gets way better. You should see the whole thing! It’ll be ready for you next week.

❤ Aurora

New Release: The Man In Charge

tmic cover

I love new release day! Come check out the blurb:

When  Celia’s boyfriend dumps her for being boring, she decides it’s time to do something new and goes to one of the hottest clubs in town. She meets a man who shows her a good time, but there’s one issue: he happens to run the company she works for!

Now Celia doesn’t know what to do. Should she pursue a relationship more fulfilling than anything she had ever known? Or will he just think she’s trying to sleep her way to the top?

I really love this one, so I hope you do to. Go pick up a copy now on Amazon, only $0.99!

❤ Aurora

Teaser: The Man In Charge

tmic teaser

I’m so bored. You know what I do when I’m bored? I write something hot:

“Want to get out of this place?” he said.

“Sounds great.” I finished off my cocktail because I was definitely going to need as much liquid courage as I could get. We left the booth and his arm immediately slipped around my waist as if it was at home there. I checked for Kim as we left the VIP section but still didn’t see her, and I wondered if she went home with that guy.

Mr. Warren took out his phone and sent a message, and when we got out of the club a black town car was waiting for us. He opened the door for me and I went in, thankful that there was an opaque divider so the driver couldn’t see me as some floozy who got picked up at the bar.

“You know, it’s soundproof back here,” Mr. Warren said. His hand was on my leg again, moving up under my skirt.

He leaned over and kissed me, pulling my over onto his lap. The hand underneath my skirt stroked the outside of my panties, sending tingles radiating through my pussy. A finger slid beneath the hem and stroked my folds. My back straightened and I tightly gripped his body. Usually it took a while for me to orgasm like that, and here we were just getting started.

I kissed him again, then slid down his body until my face was next to the hardness jutting forward in his pants.

I slowly pulled down the zipper and reached inside to find a thick, throbbing cock. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue over the tip, circling around while my hand rubbed the shaft up and down. He got so excited that pre-cum spurted out of the tip. I licked up every drop of it.

He didn’t seem to realize how inexperienced I was in this regard, maybe because I wasn’t doing any of the things I had done with Brett. I popped him in my mouth and sucked, let him push all the way to the back of my throat, whatever I could think of. Then I looked up at him to see how much he liked it. When he grabbed my head and urged me even deeper, I knew I was doing something right.

He shoved inside of me hard enough that I thought I might get a bruise inside my throat. Somehow I managed to relax and let him go even deeper, to the point where he was choking off my air supply. Even so, once I had a taste of him I couldn’t stop myself. I loved the feeling of him inside me. It made me powerful.

More cum spurted down my throat, but he wasn’t done yet. He adjusted himself and I took in a gasp of air I sorely needed. I had to let him slide out a bit before I passed out, and then I reached down and rubbed at my pussy to keep the fires going down there. Once I was done with him, he’d be giving me a turn or I didn’t care who he was, I’d make him pay.

His cock stiffened against my tongue and then there was the grand finale as my mouth filled with his cum. I swallowed everything and wiped my mouth on the back of my hand, moving back up into his arms. We went over some bumpy road and I remembered that we were in a car.

If you want the rest of it–and believe me, there’s a lot of good stuff–then you can pick it up next week. See you then!

❤ Aurora

New Release: My Dream Professor

mdp cover

Ready for a hot story with a sweet aftertaste? Then look no further:

Anna has always been a good girl, but college is her time to go wild. But then she finds out that the guy she hooked up with is actually her professor, and she can’t get him out of her head.

She’ll do anything to be with the sizzling, sexy Professor Conway, provided she can deal with tests and papers and meddling parents first!

As always, you can pick up a copy on Amazon, only $0.99!

❤ Aurora