New Release: Going To Work

Woo hoo! Time for another release! Check out the blurb:

After an erotic encounter with a stranger, Allison finds herself with one of the hottest jobs in town. But she can’t keep her mind off her mystery lover…and it just so happens that he’s her boss.

She doesn’t know what to do. She can’t keep her mind, or her hands, off of him, but she can’t let anyone find out or her reputation will be ruined. What’s a girl to do? Besides enjoy herself, that is.

It’s available now on Amazon! Get it for $0.99!

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Teaser: Going To Work

Having a good week? Well, here’s a tasty treat to take you into the weekend:

With the sun nearly set, the lake was beautiful. We weren’t the only ones with the idea to take a walk down by it, but the woods were too dense for most people. Branches grabbed at my legs and for a second I wished I hadn’t worn such short shorts. But only for a second because when I bent over move some brush out of the way, they hugged my ass perfectly. I could feel my mystery man’s eyes on me and I hoped he was getting a nice long look.

“Nice view,” he said.

My eyes went wide and I turned to stare at him only to find him looking out towards the water.

“How do you know my uncle Bill?” I asked.

“Oh, he’s your uncle? I don’t know him really. My brother actually went to school with his wife and somehow when he needed a backer, I got roped into it. Not that I mind terribly. I just never pictured myself involved with farming equipment. If I told any of my friends, they wouldn’t believe it.”

He was nice. He was also totally, mind-blowingly hot. His sleeves were rolled up and if the rest of his body was as ropy with muscle as his forearms, he was a stallion. I wished I could get a look at the rest of him. And then when his eyes met mine, I knew he knew it, too.

“Perhaps we should get back,” I said.

“Do we have to?” He moved closer to me and I felt a deep ache in my pussy. I had the hots for guys before but never like this. I had always been able to walk away, be the good girl that my parents expected. But now all I wanted was him.

As he kept approaching, I moved back until I hit a tree. One of his arms blocked my escape on one side, but I could still slip away on the other side. If I wanted to.

His other hand traced down my tank top, over the tops of my breasts, down to the zipper of my shorts. He undid the button and reached his hand inside, slipping underneath my panties and finding my warm, wet slit.

A finger circled my clit, stroking it, moving down lower and into my pussy. He went deeper and deeper, which made me gasp and grab onto his arms as electricity shot through me. Of course I had touched myself before, but it never had this kind of effect on me. I opened my mouth to scream and he quickly covered it with his other hand. We were hidden by the trees, but anyone by the lake could hear us. Except I found that I didn’t care.

Lots of sex and love-at-first-sight stuff in this one. Look for it next week!

❤ Aurora

New Release: The Professor’s Good Girl

Here we go! Another delicious story for you to bite into. Just check out the blurb:

Shannon has always been a brat but now she’s in big trouble with the one professor who means business. Professor Harris isn’t about to let her get away with anything. If she wants to pass his class, she’s going to have to accept his punishment.

This book contains BDSM, a controlling alpha male, and spanking. If that’s not your thing, you might want to give this one a pass. Otherwise, come join the fun!

It’s available now on Amazon for $0.99! Hope you love it as much as I do!

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Teaser: The Professor’s Good Girl

Got a real juicy one for you today. Hope you find it as delicious as I do:

I was already going to get in enough trouble. I started crying because that always worked but Professor Harris rolled his eyes.

“You’re quite the actress,” he said.

“I am not! I just don’t want to be kicked out of school!”

“It will likely only be academic probation for a first time offense. Unless you’ve done it before. And they will go through other assignments you’ve handed in to make sure that you haven’t.”

My tears immediately dried as I thought of all the times I bought papers and answers online. It wasn’t a huge amount, but all they needed was one…

“That’s what I thought,” the professor said.

“Please don’t turn me in,” I begged. “I’ll do anything.”

“Oh? Is that so? Then why don’t you come on over here.”

This had taken a strange turn. I moved over hesitantly, not sure what he had in mind. I noticed there was a gleam in his eye that wasn’t there before. He seemed almost excited.

“Place your hands on the desk,” he said.

I did as he said. “What exactly do you want from me?”

“About twenty should do it,” he said. “At least for now. But I’ll expect a lot more.”

“Twenty what? What are you talking about?”

“Twenty strikes with a wooden paddle.”

I jumped back. “You’re crazy!”

He seized my arm and any hope of this being some kind of joke went out the window. He was one hundred percent serious.

“I never said you could move,” Professor Harris said. He forced my hands back down on the desk. I should have been outraged. Maybe I was. But I was also turned on.

“This is wrong,” I said. That must have been what made it so erotic.

“Lift up your skirt,” he ordered. I did it with almost no hesitation, bearing my soft, round ass clad only in a thong.

When I was in position, he reached into his desk and pulled out a long wooden paddle. I had heard of such things but didn’t think they were in use anymore. I don’t know where Professor Harris found it.

He moved around behind me. I gripped the sides of the desk as tightly as I could and then there was a hard crack as the paddle came down on my ass, echoing through the room as it sent a painful shiver through my body.

Then it came down again and I felt a pleasurable jolt in my pussy to accompany the stinging in my ass. He kept bringing it down over and over again, until I lost count and my ass was pink and raw from the flogging he was giving it. And even through the pain it continued to send thrills through my body. I could feel the wetness in my pussy. I was loving every second of it.

It gets way hotter from there. If you like BDSM fic, look for it next week!

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New Release: The Office Party

If last week’s eleven story bundle wasn’t enough for you, here’s another taste of delicious hotwife action. Check out the blurb:

Candace is just a housewife recently moved from a small town to the big city. When her husband tells her about the sexy office parties that take place at his work, she thinks the whole thing is a big joke. Then she goes with him to one. Not only is it true, she’s expected to join in!

She’s in way over her head, but there’s nothing she can do about it…except get on her knees for the sexiest man she’s ever met. It all seems so wrong. So why does it feel so good?

It’s available on Amazon for $0.99! Get it now!

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Teaser: The Office Party

Got another hot one for you. Check it out:

“We have to get out of here,” Candace said.

“It’s too late for that,” Rob told her. “They expect you to participate and if you don’t, I’ll get fired.”

“They can’t do that!”

“Mr. Hall made a billion dollars last year. He can do whatever he wants. This is why I kept asking you if you really wanted to go through with it. Damn it, I didn’t realize you were this clueless!”

“Is something wrong?” Eric Hall asked.

Rob’s eyes widened, but he managed to laugh it off. It was amazing what one could do when his job was on the line.

“It just wouldn’t be Candace if she didn’t forget something,” Rob said. “She left her birth control at home.”

“I don’t mind if you don’t,” he said, resting a hand on her shoulder.

She looked to Rob, whose eyes silently pled for her to go along with it. She smiled and cozied up to Eric as he led her down the hall to a small study. She took one final look back at her husband, surprised at how nonchalant he was about the whole thing, like his wife wasn’t about to get plowed by another man.

Then the door slammed shut.

“Shall we get started?” he growled.

He pushed her up against the wall, his lips on her neck sucking. His powerful hands ran up her legs to her as and sunk in to give them a squeeze. When he pulled her in close, she could feel the bulge of his fully erect cock pressing into her. Then his hands started moving again, finding her zipper and undoing it enough for her breasts to come spilling out. Her dress had been too tight for a bra, and although it had been embarrassing for her at first, now she was glad.

His fingers kneaded her breasts, thumbs rubbing over her erect nipples. Then he reached down to push up her skirt to reveal her already soaked panties. He slipped a finger under the side and slowly pulled them down, all the while staring at her nicely shaved pussy.

“That’s what I like to see,” he said. “Now get on your knees.”

She did what he said, although she had to admit it took her a second to figure out what he wanted her to do. She unzipped his fly and took out a cock so massive that it made her gasp. Even when she had her hand around it she couldn’t believe it was real. And she was supposed to put it inside of her?

There’s way more fun than that, too! Look for it next week!

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New Release: All Hotwife Action

The megabundle is here! Eleven steamy stories in one hot package! Check out the blurb:

Here we go. Eleven stories, eleven horny wives who need a man to show them what pleasure is really like.

They’re naive, they’re desperate, they’re in way over their heads. It might be wrong, but it feels so right.

It’s available on Amazon, and for this week only it’s $0.99! Go pick up a copy now!

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Teaser: All Hotwife Action

This is eleven–ELEVEN–stories that are all wives being naughty with men who aren’t their husbands. Here’s a little hint of what’s inside:

A wide grin spread across Darren’s face, the hungry grin of a man who’s been waiting for a good meal.

He pushed Shannon back against the house, his lips on her face while his hands explored under her dress. Her pussy was moist already. It had been four months since she had sex and it didn’t take much to rev her up.

A finger slipped underneath her panties and pressed against her clit. Shannon let out a moan, looking back towards the house to make sure no one heard her. The balcony door was empty of anyone searching for the source of the frantic gasps and groans. Or maybe it was something they expected to hear.

Darren knelt down in front of her, his head going underneath his skirt and his hand pushing her panties out of the way so his mouth could get to her wet, dripping pussy. He lapped up all her juices, his tong sliding in between every inch of her. It ran around her clit, making her brace herself against the house and pray she wouldn’t scream.

Kevin had never made her feel this way before. A powerful orgasm was knotting up below her stomach, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body. His tongue flicked over her clit. She covered her mouth with both hands and tried not to scream.

Her body quivered at his touch as he moved back up, nibbling on her arms, her shoulders, her neck. She could feel his cock through his pants, pressing against her stomach. She undid his buckle and unzipped his fly, and when she pulled it out she saw that it was even bigger than she expected. She started to wonder if it would even fit inside of her.

“My turn,” he said, pushing down on her shoulders. She dropped to her knees and wrapped her hand around his cock. She rubbed it up and down a few times, licking up the bits of pre-cum that were dribbling out. She licked down the shaft all the way up to his balls, tasting around them.

“Come on, get on with it,” he said through gritted teeth. She pressed her lips against the head of his cock and slowly sucked him into her mouth. She moved it around, pressing it into her cheek, swirling her tongue around it, making him moan. Even when he was hitting the back of her throat there was still more of him. Shannon relaxed as much as she could and let him slide down lower.

With his huge cock in there, she couldn’t breathe. She kept him in as long as she could, then pushed him out for a gasp of air and pulled him in again. She loved having his cock in her mouth. It gave her so much power, so much strength.

Darren pulled out of her, his hands tightly gripping her shoulders. “Much more of that and I’m going to cum too early.”

“What else did you have in mind?” she asked. Her voice was raspy, seductive. She almost didn’t recognize it as her own.

All this and more will be available next week. Be sure to check it out!

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New Release: The Fertile Clinic

Lot’s going on this week! First of all, in celebration of my birthday, my three book bundle HOT AND HORNY WIVES is now FREE on Amazon. It’s only for this week, so snatch it up now!

Second, let’s get to this week’s release. As you saw from the teaser, it’s quite a spicy dish. Check out the blurb:

Melanie has to get a job. Being a secretary at a clinic seems easy enough, but it doesn’t take long for her to realize that there are some unusual requirements for the job.

The doctors are going to strap her down, examine her thoroughly…and give the bratty girl everything she deserves.

It’s available now on Amazon for $0.99, so pick it up when you get your free bundle!

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Teaser: The Fertile Clinic

It’s Friday, and you should know what that means. Time for another juicy taste from my current WIP:

“Thank you for coming in,” he said.

“That’s it?”

His eyebrow arched. “Pardon me?”

“Well, it’s obvious that you’re not interested in me.”

“I’m sorry. I’m afraid you aren’t quite what we’re looking for.”

“What? Why? You said you needed a receptionist and I can do it. And I’ve seen the women around here. I’m definitely hot enough.”

“Oh, you are, are you? And are you willing to do all the other things necessary for this job?”

I blinked, unsure what to say. I had been trying to be flirty before, but I guess I never expected him to act on it. Unless… no, he couldn’t mean what I thought he meant.

“I was only doing this interview as a favor,” he said. “One of my friends from medical school happens to know your father. He called you attractive, which is true, but also said you were a willful brat. This office does not have room for a willful brat.”

“This guy doesn’t know me!”

“Oh? Are you willing to prove to me that you are capable of working here?”

“I’ll do whatever it takes,” I said, suddenly realizing that I meant it. Absolutely anything.

“Stand up,” he said.

Excitement shivered through my body as I got to my feet. He came closer to me and I saw that he had a raging hard on, probably since the moment I sat down. I wondered if he always knew things were going to end up like this.

“Lift up your skirt.”

With a tone like that, I couldn’t refuse. I hiked it up over my ass, revealing the lacy thong I put on that morning.

He grabbed one cheek and squeezed. I wondered if he could feel the heat radiating out from my pussy. He made me lean over the desk with my ass in the air, one hand on my back to keep me down.

Then his other hand comes down in a smack that resounds through the room and my body. I bit my lip, trying to hold in the whimpers when he brought it down again. It was humiliating to be punished like a spoiled child, but… for some reason I found myself enjoying it. I was tingling with pleasure and pain.

When he brought his hand down again, I couldn’t contain the cries any longer. Doctor Pierson seemed spurred on by it, smacking my ass again and again.

“Do you like it, you dirty little brat?” he said. “Answer me!”

“Yes,” I admitted. After another hard spank, I felt a jolt through my body. I couldn’t be coming from this. Except his hand came down and my pussy sent out a wave of pleasure that made me fall forward on the desk.

Finally, the doctor stopped. I turned to look at him and found his cock jutting forward in his pants larger than ever. He must have had a massive one.

“It seems you are serious,” he said. Then I heard him unzip his pants. “Let’s see what else you can do.”

There’s a lot of hot stuff going on in this one, so be sure to look for it next week!

❤ Aurora