Teaser: The Brat’s New Job

Just a short one today, but boy is it hot.

Every inch of my body wanted it so badly that it hurt. My pussy was on fire and I tightened my grip on the door handle as I turned to face Mr. Bennet. His cock was out, a big, meaty thing that made me drool when I looked at it.

“Are you telling me you don’t want it?” he said. “Because you can go ahead and leave right now. I won’t penalize you for it. But if you stay… there’s a lot I’m going to do to you.”

Hearing his husky, hungry voice sent a pleasurable shiver radiating out from my pussy. I never wanted anyone more. And hey, why not? He was rich and attractive. What more could I want?

I stepped away from the door and turned to face him. His cock was still out, a thick, veiny beast that was dribbling pre-cum. More than anything I wanted to wrap my lips around it.

“Good,” Mr. Bennet said. “Then do as I said and get on your knees.”

I obeyed instantly. He ordered me to follow every word of his instructions, starting with crawling over to him and taking his cock in my hand. I played with it at first, rubbing it up and down and fondling his balls. Then I got my mouth to work and sucked him in. My tongue slid up one side of his shaft and back down the other. I sucked on his balls, then moved back down to the tip to lap up the rest of his pre-cum.

“Take me inside your mouth,” he said, his voice a tad shaky, like he was having a hard time holding it together. It was greatly satisfying that I was the one eliciting that reaction from him.

This one’s full of bondage, so if that’s your thing be sure to check it out next week!

❤ Aurora


New Release: The New Neighbor

The holidays are over. Don’t you want a little something to help you enjoy yourself? Then look no further. Just check out the blurb:

Mellie is home for the summer and sick of her parents harping on her to get a job. Her one distraction is the new neighbor next door, a delicious treat for the eyes.

She’d do anything to be with him, but it could never happen. But when they’re left alone together, sparks fly and anything can happen!

It’s a pretty sweet story. Check it out now on Amazon, only $0.99!

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Teaser: The New Neighbor

Hope you’re all having a fantastic new year! Here’s  something I hope will make it a little more fantastic:

I sat down on the frilly pink window seat I picked out when I was twelve and looked out at the neighbor’s driveway. The boat my father had been so keen on was there, but there were no cars. Whoever the new neighbor was, he stayed out late.

I stood up, stretched, and began removing my clothes. I didn’t know what possessed me to do it in front of the window. Perhaps the mild thrill of pretending that someone could be out there watching. I removed my shirt, my tiny shorts, then unhooked my bra. Then I slid my thumbs under the straps of my panties and shoved them down. I was totally bare.

My hands caressed my breasts, thumb and forefinger pinching the nipple until I leaned my head back and moaned. It would be so nice if a man was the one doing this to me, parting my thighs, stroking my pussy, fingers dancing around my clit.

I sat back down, continuing to tease my body. I couldn’t even count how many times I had done this to myself before. Dozens at least, always wishing that someone else was there with me. People always think that as popular as I was in high school, guys must have been fighting each other to ask me out, but it wasn’t so. Any boy who wanted to date me had to go through my father first, and, well, my ex-army and current professional bodyguard dad intimidated a lot of people.

I gripped the window sill and stuck my finger up my pussy. I was able to make myself come, but it was the same hard and fast climax that I was getting bored of. When I was finished, I got up to shut the window, catching a glimmer of motion out of the corner of my eye.

My face burned with embarrassment and I prayed that no one had seen what I was doing. I scanned the yard but the movement wasn’t repeated. Maybe it was just the wind. Or an animal. Or…

There was a car in my new neighbor’s driveway now. He was just a shadow out there and I couldn’t tell if his head happened to be turned towards my window. No, he couldn’t have seen me. Right?

It gets a lot hotter from there. It’ll all be ready for you next week. See you then!

❤ Aurora

New Release: Being With The Doctor

New year, new book! That’s how I like it. Here’s the blurb:

Clarice meets a handsome stranger and before she knows it, she’s in trouble with her parents and the only way to get out is to submit to a humiliating exam.

But then she gets a look at her doctor. He’s gorgeous and the more he examines her, the more she thinks what he has in mind is not something strictly professional…

As always, it’s available on Amazon for $0.99. Check it out now! Plus, as a special beginning of the year treat, one of my three book bundles is totally FREE! If you like hotwives, then go snatch this one up right now! Deal ends on Friday!

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Teaser: Being With The Doctor

Can you believe it’s almost the new year? I can’t. But in any case, it’s time to celebrate, and what better way to do it than with a naughty exam? Or that’s how I like to celebrate! Here’s a little snippet:

“I’m Doctor Lambert,” he said. “You must be Clarice. Nice to meet you.”

“Thank you for helping us out like this,” Mom said. “It’s really disappointing that we have to do this, but we’d rather know for sure that she’s been behaving herself before we send her back to college.”

“I understand completely.” His eyes met mine. A shiver ran up my spine. “Please come with me.”

As if in a spell, I started following him, ready to let him do whatever he wanted to me. Then I saw that Mom was coming with us and nearly screamed.

Doctor Lambert stopped. “I’m afraid you can’t come with us.”

“Why not?” Mom’s eyebrows were pulled together and I wondered if this might make her pull the plug on the whole thing. That should have relieved me, but looking at the gorgeous doctor I would have to say I was disappointed.

“I’m afraid it’s policy since she’s our patient and an adult. I promise I will report everything directly to you afterwards.”

“Oh. All right. If that’s the rule, then I suppose I have no other choice.”

She went to sit back down, clearly displeased. The doctor turned to me again and I thought I was going to melt under his gaze. Why did he have to be so attractive?

“This way, Clarice.”

He took my arm and guided me into one of the exam rooms. In every doctor’s office I had been to before I was always left by myself to change into the flimsy gowns they gave. But Doctor Lambert insisted on staying. Another rule, he said. I was beginning to think that he was making these up as he went.

I turned away and pulled off my shirt. He said he was busy making notes but I could feel his eyes on me and when I took a quick glance behind he quickly looked away. I wondered if it would be easier or harder if he was less attractive.

I pushed down my skirt, standing in front of him in my underwear. “Everything,” he said. I unhooked my bra and slid my panties down my legs. I grabbed the gown and wrapped it around my body but once again I could feel his eyes on me.

He patted the table. “Hop up here and scoot down. Put your legs in the stirrups here.”

My heart was pounding. His hand caressed my leg as he locked it into place and moved over to the other one. Everything was made worse by the fact that it felt like I was on display.

“So tell me about this party you went to,” Doctor Lambert said.

“There isn’t anything to tell. Nothing happened, despite what my parents think.”

“Oh really? When I begin the examination I won’t find any indication of sexual activity?”

I thought my entire body was going to flush with embarrassment. “No…”

“You can cut the nonsense. It’s obvious that you’re lying.”

“I am not! It’s just… this other night, I met a guy. Something kind of happened. But please, you can’t tell my parents. They’re so ridiculous about this stuff.”

“Hm. I suppose I could consider it… But first, the exam.”

His fingers brushed my inner thighs, sending another shiver running through me. He put on a pair of latex gloves and his smooth fingers inched closer to my aching pussy. He leaned close enough that I could feel his breath whispering against me. I gripped the cushion on the table and bit back a moan.

“Externally, everything looks beautiful.”

“G-good.” I hoped he didn’t hear the hitch in my voice. This was not supposed to be such a turn on.

Lots of hot stuff in this one. It’ll be out next week, which of course means next year. See you then!

❤ Aurora

New Release: Naughty Professors Bundle

Hope you’re having a good holiday season! Now here’s your treat. Check out the blurb:

Three professors, three students, three hot stories. These girls thought college would be a lot of hard work, but it’s something else that’s getting hard.

If you like domineering males in charge of naive young students, then this is the bundle for you.

As always, it’s available on Amazon. Right now it’s $0.99 but it won’t be for long! Get it today!

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Teaser: Naughty Professor Bundle

It’s the holidays, so you might as well buy yourself a little treat or two. Including another delicious bundle of naughty students hooking up with their hot professors. Here’s a little taste:

It was hard to stop thinking about him, especially when I had to see him so often. My dreams got even more intense and I would awaken with my body aching for his touch. Every class was torture. I wanted him to ask me to stay behind again, but he barely seemed to notice me. When we had our next exam, I wasn’t surprised that I did so poorly on it. Perhaps I did it on purpose to make him ask me to speak to him after class.

“This grade is unacceptable,” he said as the other students left. A few snickered. Ashley frowned.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I’ve been having a hard time concentrating.”

“That’s no excuse. One more grade like this and you’ll fail the semester.”

“Is there something I can do?”

His eyes narrowed. I hadn’t meant for it to sound like a proposition, but I was glad that it did.

The professor approached me, running his fingers through my hair. “We can think of something.”

“We… we can’t do it in a classroom again,” I said. “Anyone could walk in.”

“They didn’t before. But if you’re that worried about it, we can head up to my office. If anyone asks, I’ll tell them we’re reviewing for your upcoming exam.”

That was a relief. As much as I craved his touch, I couldn’t have it getting around that I was the campus slut. My parents would lock me away in my bedroom for the rest of my life.

I tried to seem as casual as possible when we walked up to his office. Just a student and a teacher. No big deal. A few people saw us, but didn’t seem very interested. Then Jessica saw me and even though she only smiled and waved, she obviously wanted to know what we were up to.

My cheeks grew hot. Then Professor Graham opened the door to his office and I rushed inside.

“Looking so guilty is just attracting more attention to yourself,” he said.

“I can’t help it. If there’s gossip… and my parents find out about it…”

He shushed me, taking my bag out of my hand and setting it on the floor. He reached around me, lifting my shirt up and off and then pulling my skirt down my legs. He removed my shoes, my panties, my bra. Then he proceeded to kiss every inch of my body.

His lips brushed across my skin, sending electric pleasure through my body. He massaged my legs as he licked them all the way up to my pussy. He pushed me down in a chair so I could spread my legs wide and he could have full access to my dripping slit.

Look for it next week! You can wait that long, right?

❤ Aurora

New Release: Super-Hot Hotwives

Here it is! It’s as good as you imagined. Check out the blurb:

If you want good women being bad, then look no further. These hotwives are just begging for it. They might not have imagined themselves in these situations, but now that they are, what else can they do but enjoy it?

It’s even hotter than it sounds. Get it now on Amazon, $0.99 for this week only!

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Teaser: Super-Hot Hotwives

What better way to end the year than with a series of spicy hot bundles? Up first is a collection of my latest hotwife stories, and you just know they’re good. Check out this little snippet:

Stephanie was afraid of what he meant by that, but she sat down to wait for Max to finish with his work. She took out her phone to message her husband that she might not be home until late, if at all. He didn’t have much to say to that other than to wish her good luck.

When Max was done, he walked over to her. She stood up, knees shaky, and took the arm he offered her, no matter where it might lead.

He took her down to his car, a sleek sports model that probably cost more than she made last year. When he wasn’t shifting gears, he kept his hand on her knee, occasionally running up to caress her leg and get perilously close to her exposed pussy.

Max lived in one of the nicest buildings in the city, in the penthouse of course. His dining room was bigger than her entire apartment, and he poured her a glass of wine that was almost as old as she was. Then he treated her to the dinner left in his oven by his housekeeper, a roast with mashed potatoes, better than anything Stephanie had in her life.

He put down his fork and dabbed his face with a napkin. “I hope you’ve finished.”

Before she was even able to push away from the table he was on her, his lips on her face and moving down to her neck, her shoulder, her chest. He lifted her into his arms and carried her up a set of stairs—because of course his place was big enough to have a set of stairs, and into a sparsely decorated bedroom. Besides the bed, there wasn’t much in it, and frankly there didn’t need to be.

He deposited on the floor, his hands still rubbing her all over. He sat down on the bed and pushed her back.

“Strip for me,” he said.

For a brief moment she was reminded of all of her notions of propriety and morality, but they went away when she saw the rod jutting from the front of his pants. Stephanie reached back and pulled down her zipper, letting the dress slip lower and lower. She teased him with the tops of her breasts and then turned away just as it dropped below her pink nipples. He moaned in protest, but as long as she had the power, she was going to use it.

She hooked her thumbs in the fabric and pushed it down below the swell of her ass, which he couldn’t resist reaching out to stroke. She turned around to face him and stretched her arms behind her head. She never thought she was much to look at, but if someone like Max Tate thought she was attractive…

Then he was in front of her, running his tongue all over her body, around her navel, up her stomach to her breasts. He circled around her nipples, making them tingle. He puckered his lips around one and sucked on it hard enough to make her gasp. Pleasure rushed through her and she swayed on her feet. God, he was talented.

Max stood up and began removing his own clothes, finally giving her the chance to see his body. He was even more delicious than she anticipated, with bulging muscles and well-defined abs. She wanted to lean over and have a taste, but he seemed to have other ideas in mind.

That’s the barest taste of what’s to come. It’ll be out next week, so keep your eyes peeled!

❤ Aurora

New Release: The New Job

It’s release day! The best day of the week. Check out the blurb for my latest story:

Sienna is a spoiled girl who’s on her father’s last nerve. When he gets her a job at a big company, she knows she’s unqualified, but what choice does she have?

She thinks she’s about to be fired, but the boss has taken an interest in her. He wants her to work for him, provided she’s willing to submit to his every whim, and it may be more  than the bratty Sienna has bargained for…

Fair warning: this story contains bondage and spanking. If that’s your thing, then come join the fun!

You want it? It’s here on Amazon for $0.99. Pick up your copy today!

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