Teaser: The Favorite Student

Got another hot one for you! Check it out:

I couldn’t believe this was happening. After weeks of lusting after my hot professor, here I was in his arms as his hard cock pressed against my leg. It never occurred to me that he might return my feelings. I didn’t know where to go from here.

Luckily, Professor Reinhardt did. He started by unbuttoning my blouse and exposing the tops of my breasts. He yanked down my bra to expose my strawberry red nipple and puckered his lips around it, sucking in a way that sent electric bolts of pleasure through my body. Then he moved to the other to give it the same treatment. I let out a moan.

He stopped what he was doing and pressed his lips to my ear. “Be careful. The walls are thin.”

I bit my lip, but it was so hard to keep it contained. His hands moved in a whirlwind, unbuckling his pants and pulling out his cock, then shoving up my skirt and tearing off my panties. He slipped the tattered remains into his pocket and I couldn’t help but feel honored that he was keeping a memento of me.

A hand moved down to my hot, wet pussy, immediately finding my clit and gently rubbing it until I got weak in the knees. My fingers scraped across his shirt. I had played with myself before, but it never felt like this.

He pulled me back from the wall and slapped my ass so hard as he grabbed it that I was sure it was going to leave a handprint.

“This is so wrong,” I moaned.

“Does it feel wrong?” he asked. His finger pushed inside of me and curled around, sending a powerful orgasm shooting through my body. No, it definitely didn’t feel wrong. It was everything I ever wanted.

The professor released me. “I want you on your knees.”

And there’s a lot more where that came from. Look for it next week!

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New Release: The Doctor’s Secretary

It’s here! Are you ready for a good time? Just check it out:

Now that she’s home for the summer, the one thing Emma doesn’t want to do is work for her overbearing father. But if she doesn’t want to work for him, then she has to work for his friend, who just so happens to be an achingly gorgeous doctor. She tries to keep her mind on her work but the doctor has other ideas in mind…

This is going to be one wild summer.

It’s available now on Amazon for $0.99! Check it out!

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Teaser: The Doctor’s Secretary

Another hot excerpt from my latest WIP! Check it:

Even as I stood there in front of the window showing the doctor and patient having sex, I tried to say that I had no idea what was going on. But my cheeks were hot and I couldn’t look Doctor Fuller in the eye. I don’t know how I expected him to believe me.

“It would been better if you hadn’t seen that,” he said. “Charles has always been reckless. It’s part of the thrill for him, I think.”

“I swear, I won’t say anything.”

He went on as if he hadn’t heard me.

“Maybe that was why I sent you up here. I wanted you to see so you could understand what we were up to here.”

“I don’t understand…” I glanced back at the window, where Doctor Harris was finishing with the woman’s pussy and moving around so she could suck their mingled juices off of his cock.

“That’s Nurse Reece in there,” Doctor Fuller said. “A little roleplaying. I’ve participated in it myself.”


“We have stressful jobs here. Even though I’m mostly doing research, it can be exhausting and I found that this was the best way to let off steam.”

My mouth dropped open and the doctor lead me back down to his office. I would never look at him the same way again. And I had to wonder… what would it take to get him to do those things to me?

“Emma?” he said, and I jumped. He had been talking the whole time and here I was off in a fantasy world.

“I-I’m sorry, doctor. I guess the whole thing has thrown me.”

“I can see it has. Tell me, would you like to try it out?”

My eyes widened. I was unable to utter a reply. Then Doctor Fuller opened the door to one of the exam rooms. Before I could say yes or no (or oh god, yes), he pushed me inside.

“Take off your clothes,” he said, taking the files from me and dropping them on the counter. His eyes were commanding, his voice impossible to disobey. I removed my blouse, my skirt, my shoes, and then when he folded his arms and nodded, my bra and panties. I tried to cover myself with my hands, but he handed me a patient gown and then told me to get up on the table.

“Let’s see what kind of girl you’ve been,” he said.

Have I mentioned that I love what I do? Hope you check it out next week! See you then!

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New Release: Things Are Getting Hot

My latest mega bundle is out! But you don’t need me to tell you, just check out the blurb:

Here we go, eleven spicy stories bundled together for the first time. We have good girls being bad, brats being brought into line, and wives learning new meanings of pleasure.

It’s all dirty, naughty fun. Come join us.

It’s on sale now on Amazon, $0.99 (!) for this week only. Snatch it up and have a blast!

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Teaser: Things Are Getting Hot

Here we go, eleven hot stories bundled together for the first time. Check out this one spicy excerpt:

The next few days were fairly quiet and she was able to keep herself from falling all over Ethan. On the Friday of her first week, she felt proud of herself for her self-control. Then after he returned from lunch, she walked into his office and found him standing there half naked, in the midst of changing out of a sauce stained shirt.

Her eyes widened. She actually thought she might faint.

“Is something wrong, Stacy?” he asked. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing to her. He stopped what he was doing to look at her so she could take in his body, the six-pack abs, the bulging muscles. She had never felt so horny in her life.

“I just wanted to tell you that your two o’clock meeting has been canceled.” She was still staring but at least she had managed to get the words out.

“Just great. I blocked off two hours for that. You know how much I hate having nothing to do.”

“Oh, yes…”

He started approaching her. His chest was smooth and tanned, not a blemish to mar the perfection.

“I’ll just have to find something… else… to keep me occupied.”

He was so close that she could smell his aftershave. He traced a finger around her mouth.

“Can you think of anything for me to do?”

“Yes, me,” she said. He grinned wickedly.

“I knew you’d cave eventually,” he said.

“I can’t help it. I need to feel you inside of me.”

“You will,” he growled. He tore open her shirt so hard that buttons went flying and yanked down her bra so he could bury his face in her chest. He gently pinched her nipple with one hand while he puckered his lips around the other until she gasped at the electricity running through her body.

Ethan’s lips moved lower, lower. A hand brushed up against her inner thigh and found her panties sopping wet. He ripped them off and dropped them next to her shirt.

He pushed her legs apart and began exploring her with his tongue. He lapped up every bit of her juices and tongued her clit until she screamed and knocked his computer off the desk.

“S-sorry,” she managed to get out.

“I’ll have another one sent up.” He stood upright and unzipped his fly. “But I can think of a way you can repay me for it.”

Immediately, Stacy was down on her knees in front of him. She pulled out his cock and wondered how she was supposed to fit that entire thing in her mouth. She smacked her lips and got ready to try.

You can imagine how good it gets. Set your calendars because it’s coming at you next week.

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New Release: Pleasing The Client

It’s here! And it’s just as delicious as promised. Just check out the blurb:

After summer break starts, Mia’s stepmother immediately puts her to work catering to the whims of rich clients. Mia realizes she’s been set up to fail, but she won’t go down quietly… Even if it means getting down on her knees and pleasing the client in ways she’d never dreamed.

And as she clears her desk and grabs her hot, rich client, Mia just might discover how much she enjoys it.

Check it out now on Amazon for $0.99!

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Teaser: Pleasing The Client

Wondering what I’ve been up to this week? Well here’s a taste:

What had I got myself into? I shoved everything off my desk, including the expensive monitor. I briefly worried that they might make me replace it, but then Chase Warren was pulling my blouse open and exposing the lacy white bra I wore over my creamy breasts. It took half a second for him to unhook it and then pucker his lips around my nipples. He kneaded my breasts, sucking on my pink nipple until I moaned. What he wanted was definitely nice.

He shoved my skirt up, sliding my panties down my legs so he could get at my warm, wet pussy. I had to admit, I had been creaming over him since the first moment I laid eyes on him. I just never thought that it would end like this.

His cock poked at me through his pants. Chase moved off the desk and unzipped them, exposing a cock larger than I had ever encountered before. Not that I was very experienced. I just didn’t realize they came in that size. And the way it seemed to throb, all for me…

“Let’s see what that mouth of yours can do,” he said.

I hoped I didn’t look as nervous as I felt reaching for that gargantuan cock. I stroked its smooth skin from his balls to the glistening crown. My mouth watered at the sight of it and I licked my lips as I bent down to give it a taste.

Be sure to check it out next week! See you then!

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New Release: The Reluctant Hotwife

Here it is! Get ready for another hot bit of goods. Check out the blurb:

Jessica wants her husband to get the job he’s been working for. But then he tells her he’s not the one who’s going to have to do all the hard work. She is, on her back, with her legs spread.

There’s no way she could ever do anything like that, but she tells him to take the job anyway, figuring she can find some way out of what his boss expects from her. But then it comes time for her to do what she promised…and there are several horny men who are going to make sure she does it!

It’s available now on Amazon for $0.99! Get it now!

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Teaser: The Reluctant Hotwife

Here’s a piece from my latest WIP! Check it out and let it whet your appetite:

Jessica wasn’t sure what to say. She wanted to tell him that people would be looking for her, that it was inappropriate, but she couldn’t tear herself away from Harris Graham’s eyes and when he looked at her, she was his for the taking.

“We… we shouldn’t…”

He pressed a finger to her lips. “You don’t want people to hear us, do you?”

Harris grabbed her ass and squeezed it hard as he pulled her into a long, hot kiss. His lips  moved down to her neck and he seemed to inhale the perfume that she had put on that afternoon, just the barest scent so the people of the church wouldn’t think she was some kind of slut. And now look at her.

Then he rudely shoved up her skirt, slipping underneath her panties and finding her dripping wet pussy. He unzipped her dress, a matronly gray thing that now seemed too tight, and revealed the lacy black bra she put on to feel sexy. He unhooked hit in one smooth motion and dropped it onto the floor.

He nibbled on the side of her breast, then brushed his tongue across her nipple and made her shiver. One finger down below flicked against her clit and then slipped further inside, searching for the spot that would send pleasure radiating out from that bundle of nerves.

The explosion that shook through her made her yelp, but she bit down on her lip to keep it from getting any louder. There was still a party going on outside.

“If you’re worried about making noise,” Harris said, “I can give you something to fill your mouth.”

Jessica, innocent that she was, didn’t know what he meant until he pulled out his gargantuan cock.

“Oh,” she whispered, awed. She wasn’t sure if it was the size or just how hungry she was for it.

As always, there’s a lot more where that came from! Check it out next week. You know you want to.

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New Release: The Dean’s Office

Her we go again! Time to have some fun! Check out the blurb:

Bethany has always tried to be a perfect angel for her parents, but when a mix-up gets her in trouble with the dean of her college, she’ll do anything to get out of trouble. And Dean Peterson is ready to take her up on that.

After years of being good, Bethany is going to have to be bad if she wants to stay out of trouble. She’ll be doing things she’s never imagined…right under her parents’ noses!

As always, it’s available on Amazon for $0.99. If you’re looking for a good time, look no further!

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