New Release: My New Doctor

Here it is! It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

Larissa has always been the good girl, but one misstep and her mother suspects the worst. Now she has to undergo an exam by the sexiest doctor in the world. It would be humiliating…if she wasn’t so turned on.

This good girl is about to become very, very naughty. And she can’t wait.

As always, it’s available on Amazon for $0.99. Check it out now!

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Teaser: My New Doctor

I have another hot medical story for you. If that’s your think, then come check out this little snippet:

I couldn’t believe this was happening. The cute man I met was going to give me an exam and reassure my mother that I was still a virgin. Every inch of my skin felt like it was blushing red. And considering I was clothed in nothing more than a thin gown, he was probably able to see it.

“You’re the doctor?” I said. The answer was obvious, but I wanted to postpone the ordeal for as long as possible. It couldn’t be him looking at my post private region. It just couldn’t.

“Yes, Mark Sherman.” He held out his hand for me to shake. He only gripped it lightly, but it was very strong.

“How… how long is this going to take?”

“Oh, it shouldn’t be long. Maybe twenty minutes or so. Could be longer. Your mother thinks you’ve been fooling around, huh?”

I looked down at my lap. “Yes.”

“Have you?”

“Of course not! But I… did fool around with a boy. Just a little. Nothing really happened.”

“I would say fooling around counts as something happening,” Doctor Sherman said. “What exactly did you two do?”

Embarrassment washed over me. Why did he need to know? Wasn’t he going to be looking anyway?

“We kissed. He felt me up.”

“And did you feel him as well?”

I couldn’t see how this could possibly matter, but I knew if I lied or refused to answer he’d be angry. For some reason, I did not want him angry with me.

“I touched him a little, but only through our clothes. It was nothing, I swear.”

“I’m sure your mother would disagree.”

I bit my lip. “You’re not going to tell her that, are you?”

There was a gleam in his eye that I couldn’t quite figure out. Like he was up to something. But it was hard to think about that when I looked into his emerald eyes. He was well-built, tanned. The thought of him putting his hands on me sent electricity radiating out from my pussy.

“I don’t have to tell her,” he said, like he might anyway. “Let’s see what happens. Lie back on the table.”

See what happens? What was that supposed to mean? I did as he said and he took my leg in his hand and slipped it through a stirrup that he locked into place. Then he did the same for my other leg.

“It’s so you don’t move around during the exam,” he explained. It made me nervous, but I assumed he knew what he was talking about.

His fingers brushed my thigh and a shiver ran up my spine. He must have seen it because there was a smirk touching his lips. One finger traced the outside of my pussy and found my clit, rubbing it in a way that couldn’t be part of the exam. But as he stroked it, pleasure vibrated through me and I found that I didn’t care.

“You certainly respond like a virgin,” he said.

“You can tell that just from how I act?”

“I’ve had quite a lot of experience with this.”

Did he realize how that sounded? No, he couldn’t. It almost seemed like he wanted to fuck me. And maybe I wanted him to.

A finger slid up inside of me, probing around, hitting a spot that made my body jerk. Then he hit it again and again, drowning me in ecstasy. No wonder he strapped me in.

And there’s plenty more where that comes from. Check it out next week!

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New Release: Being A Good Hotwife

It’s release day again! Yay! Check out the blurb and see if this hot story is right for you:

When Jessie complains about her husband’s long hours, he tells her the only way to change things is if she sleeps with his boss! How could he ever expect her to do such a thing?

Reluctantly, she agrees, because after all, it’s only once. Except as she soon finds out, it’s never only once. And maybe that’s the way she likes it.

As always, it’s available now on Amazon for $0.99. Come check it out!

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Teaser: Being A Good Hotwife

This one is especially spicy, because sometimes I just get in one of those moods where all I have is spice:

Eric Payne looked her up and down, his eyes seeming to caress every curve in her body. Jessie wondered if he knew how afraid she was to be standing in his office. If he was, it didn’t bother him any.

“Take off your clothes,” he said.

“E-excuse me?”

An eyebrow arched. “Are you hard of hearing?”

Her cheeks flushed red and she unzipped her dress, letting it puddle at her feet. When he continued to stare at her with that commanding gaze, she realized that the dress wasn’t enough. She unhooked her bra and slipped down her panties.

Jessie had never been naked in front of any man beside her husband. She trembled as he stood up and approached her, as if giving her an inspection. Her pussy started to burn and she realized she was tremendously attracted to him. It wasn’t just his piercing eyes and broad, muscled body either. It was the way he was so utterly in charge of her.

He stepped behind her, his breath tickling her neck. “Get on your knees.”

She dropped down immediately. She knew what was coming and knew she would have to go through with it, but she had never done it before. Years of strict teachings convinced her that it was beyond wrong. But right now she wanted nothing more than to have his cock in her mouth.

Eric stood in front of her and unzipped his fly. Jutting out of his pants was a cock bigger than anything Jessie had ever imagined.

“Put that mouth of yours to work,” he said.

She stretched forward, grasping it with her hand and finding it thick and muscled. She circled her tongue around the head and shook as the salty tang hit her tongue. Her tongue slid down the shaft to his balls, sucking in one and then the other. Then she moved back down and took him in her mouth as far as she could. Each time her head bobbed, she took him in deeper, all the way to the back of her throat.

If this tickles your fancy, check out the whole thing next week!

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New Release: Ready For Action

Finally, it’s here! Eleven stories, eleven times the fun. Just check out the blurb:

Eleven hot stories featuring brats getting what they deserve, students who need a private lesson from teacher, and good wives being naughty. If you think you can handle it, then strap in. Things are about to get crazy.

Some of these stories contain BDSM and domineering alpha males, sweet for some, not so much for others. If that’s your thing, then come join us.

It’s available on Amazon, $0.99 for this week only. Make sure you pick up your copy today!

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Teaser: Ready For Action

It’s another bundle, but this time it’s a mega bundle! Eleven stories together for the first time. Here’s a taste:

Sarah desperately tried to squirm away, but the bindings held fast. There she was, tied to a chair and unable to even defend herself as the other senior partner of her firm stepped inside and shut the door behind him.

“This looks absolutely delicious,” Steven said, coming up to her. He traced a finger across the bindings tying her to the chair. “Julian didn’t tell me he had a new toy.”

Sarah struggled to respond. The ball-gag was stuck fast.

“I don’t know how he could leave you like this. You mind if I join in?”

Sarah’s eyes were wide. This could get her in trouble. There was a camera watching everything. But she found herself nodding her head anyway.

He stroked her breast and pinched the nipple. His hands moved lower, tickling across her stomach and finding her warm, wet slit.

“These ties are holding you down too much. We need to be able to move you around.”

She thought he was going to release her, but although he untied her from the chair, he then bound her arms behind her. He leaned her over the desk, ass in the air, and his hand came down on her cheek with a resounding smack. A shiver racked her body.

He brought his hand down again. She struggled, but he was strong and all she was able to do was move his strikes to a less reddened part of her ass. Each time he hit her, a powerful thrill electrified her. She lost count of how many times the palm of his hand connected with her rear end. But her pussy was dripping with pleasure from it.

Finally, he stopped. Sarah gasped for air, struggling against the mix of agony and ecstasy running through her. She looked behind her and saw Steven pulling his cock out, thick and throbbing with desire for her. She couldn’t even move away. He had tied her tight.

There’s a lot more where that came from. Keep your eyes out for it!

New Release: Hot For The Neighbor

Yay, it’s finally here! There’s nothing I like more than sharing my stories. Now check out the blurb:

Maggie has to move back home for the summer and she’s not looking forward to being under the watch of her overbearing parents. Then she notices her new neighbor, a hot, older man with an irresistible body…

She can’t stop thinking about seeing him exercising in nothing but his shorts. She begins teasing him back with shows of her own, but who knows where it will end?

Go check it out now on Amazon for $0.99! You know you want to.

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Teaser: Hot For The Neighbor

I’m really loving this one. I know I always say that, but I can’t help it! Just check it out:

After the meal, Dad invited everyone into the back yard. They had forgotten about me and frankly I was glad. I snuck away to my room in hopes of hiding away the rest of the night. Then I saw Mr. Reiner leave the bathroom.

He smiled when he saw me. “Hello, Miss Maggie.”

“H-hello, sir.”

“There’s no need for that, he said. “I hear you just got back from college last week.”

I smiled nervously. “I just completed my freshman year.”

“Good for you. You know, I was surprised last week to look out my window and see you staring out at me.”

All the spit in my mouth dried up. I suddenly realized that we were standing there alone. Everyone else was outside.

“You must mean… when you were working out. I didn’t expect to see you there I guess. I knew we had a new neighbor but I didn’t know what you looked like.”

My entire body felt like it was burning up. And he just kept staring at me calmly. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was fully aware of what I was doing while watching out the window.

“You must have been very interested to keep coming back night after night like that.”

“I was not! I just… that’s where my desk is. I sit there sometimes.”

“In the dark?”

I was digging myself in way too deep.

“I don’t know what you mean,” I said, turning to walk away. Then an arm slammed the wall in front of me and I found myself trapped with Mr. Reiner looming over me.

“You can quit with the lies,” he said. “I know exactly what you were doing watching out the window like that. Maybe I liked it. Maybe that was why I kept coming back night after night.”

I said nothing. I didn’t know what I could say to make him let me go. If I even wanted him to. My body trembled being this near to him, my pussy tingling with a pleasure more intense than anything I had ever experienced. There was an electricity between us and I was afraid of what would happen if I stayed this close to him.

“My mother will be looking for me,” I said.

“No she won’t. She’s too busy playing hostess. I’m sure you don’t want to run into her anyway. I might have to tell her how when I was coming out of my shower last night I saw her daughter looking in my bathroom window.”

My cheeks went red. And I thought he was totally unaware. I was such an idiot. Which left the question of why he was confronting me about it instead of going straight to my parents.

I looked up into his eyes, dark brown, full of lust. No one had ever looked at me like that before.

If you want the rest of this tasty story, look for it next week! See you then!

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New Release: The Bratty Patient

Yay, it’s here! If you’re hungry for a story about hot, naughty sex, look no further. Just check out the blurb:

Lisa is such a brat. But then she meets a mysterious man at a party who rocks her world like she never imagined. And who does he turn out to be? Why her new doctor, who’s super hot and only wants girls who behave…

If you like brats brought in line by alpha males, then this is the story for you.

Check it out now on Amazon for $0.99!

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Teaser: The Bratty Patient

Got another hot medical story brewing for you. Here’s a preview:

“Are you ready to begin the examination, Carrie?” he asked. “Unless it makes you uncomfortable.”

“N-no. I’ll be fine.”

But would I be? I couldn’t stop thinking about his thick cock stretching me apart like I was a virgin again.

“I’m going to have to ask some personal questions,” the doctor said. His voice was low, almost lusty. I could swear he was enjoying this. “What is your sexual history like? Have you been with many men?”

My cheeks grew hot. I never had any trouble answering these questions before. I didn’t know why I was getting so choked up now.

“A few,” I said. “Five or six guys. Unless you count blow jobs and things like that, in which case it’s more like a dozen.”

“I see. Do you like engaging in oral sex?”

The question threw me even more than the last one did. No doctor ever asked me questions like that before. But I was getting the feeling that this wasn’t going to be a typical examination. My pussy started tingling and I really wanted to get on to the exam.

“I suppose I do,” I told him.

“And masturbation? Do you do that often?”

“Not usually. But I have been feeling extra horny lately. It’s been almost impossible for me to stop.”

“Hm, we may have to do something about that. Now lie back on the table. It’s time for the breast exam.”

My body started quivering. It was all so wrong, but I never even thought about refusing. I laid back and he lifted the gown up, exposing my shaved pussy, my flat stomach, and the round globes of my breasts. He wrapped his hand around one and massaged it in a way that sent thrills running through me. His thumb ran across my nipple and I tightly gripped the cushion on the exam table.

My pussy was starting to ache for attention, but Doctor Fuller was still focused on my chest. He moved over to the other breast, pinching the nipple between his fingers until I let out a throaty moan.

“Everything looks good so far,” he said. His fingers grazed my stomach as he moved down between my legs. “I’m going to have to put your legs in stirrups.”

“Sure, fine.” Now every inch of me was trembling, including my voice.

What I didn’t expect was for him to put my legs in the stirrups and then lock them into place. I shook them to try to get them out but he simply shook his head and I stopped. I couldn’t say no to him.

“I’ll proceed with the external examination,” he said.

A lot of sexy fun in this one. Be sure to check it out next week!

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