Walk Of Fame

WF Cover FinalWalk Of Fame

Christopher Landers is the hottest celebrity in the world. Even if she’s married, Beth still fantasizes about him. Luckily, her husband, a struggling actor, doesn’t mind. He even encourages her fantasies by inviting her to the set one day to catch a glimpse of her hunky heartthrob.

Beth is able to espy her dream man in person and she thinks that’s the end of it. After all, she’s a married woman struggling to pay her bills. But then Christopher shows up at her apartment to talk to her husband, offering to help him with his career. There’s only one catch. He wants Beth.

Just for one night, just this one time. It would be a wild, intense night that Beth could never forget and afterwards, her husband would get the break that he always needed. But she’s a good girl and a faithful wife. Even if part of her wants to give in to temptation, how is she supposed to go against the values she was raised with?

Is she a good girl or is she a bad one? Her husband is encouraging her to live out her fantasy, but can she do it? She better figure it out soon!

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