Teaser: Seducing The Boss

I totally love this one. I know I say that every time. They’re just all so delicious. Just see for yourself:

Sarah couldn’t believe it was Julian Stark standing in front of her, unzipping his pants and taking out his cock. It was bigger than any she had ever seen before, even in the porn some of her friends showed her in college. She wasn’t sure how something that thick was supposed to fit inside of her.

“Like what you see?” he asked. He rested a hand on her shoulders and pushed her down in front of him.

Her tongue popped out and ran around the head of his cock, licking up the bits of pre-cum dribbling out. He grabbed the back of her head and urged her to take more, all the way to the back of her throat, her tongue working him all the while.

She sucked on him as hard as hard as she could, enough to make him sway a bit on his feet. She was so eager that it wasn’t until black spots danced across her vision that she realized his cock was cutting off her airway. She paused to suck in some air and then got back to work on him.

He had to push her back to get her to stop. “You’re quite a little cocksucker, aren’t you? Never knew a girl to eat dick so eagerly. But I’m not even close to being through with you.”

“What do you mean?” Sarah sat on the floor with her skirt pushed up so her pussy was out and dripping.

He walked around to the other side of his desk, patting his lap for her to come with him. She followed him around and he pulled her close to him, fondling her breasts with one hand as he reached down and slid a finger up inside of her pussy. He curled it slightly and pressed it around her cervix, in search of that special spot that made her moan. When he hit it, it was like an explosion going off between her legs.

Believe me, there’s plenty more where that came from. Look for it next week!

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New Release: My Doctor’s Appointment

Here we go! It’s here and it’s hot. If you don’t believe me, just check out the blurb:

Natalie has always tried to be the perfect angel for her parents, but they still don’t believe her. So when they unleash a stunningly handsome doctor on her to make sure she’s still a virgin, she’s more than happy to let him examine her thoroughly.

It’s an exam like no other and Natalie loves every second of it. The question is will she ever get enough?

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Teaser: My Doctor’s Appointment

It’s time for another hot bit from my latest story! Check it out:

I wasn’t sure how to react to all of this. This amazingly hot doctor was in my room and I was half naked. Of course, he was supposed to be examining me and confirming that I was still a virgin. And he seemed to be enjoying it all.

“I’m going to need you to lie down on the bed,” he said. I tried to respond but my throat had closed up so tight that only a squeak came out.

I did as he told me, a shiver running through my body when he rested a hand on my leg. I didn’t know how I was supposed to tolerate this examination when the barest touch set my pussy on fire.

“I’m going to need you to scoot down and spread your legs. That’s a good girl.”

Every time he spoke it made a knot tighten in my stomach. Part of me was convinced he wanted me as much as I wanted him. But no, that couldn’t be it. There was no way my parents would let him into my room if he wasn’t trustworthy.

I really, really wanted them to be wrong.

Doctor Collins leaned forward, his hot breath tickling my thighs. He made a noise almost like he liked what he saw.

“I see you shave,” he said.

My entire body flushed. It was just something I did to look cleaner. It seemed rather inappropriate for him to be commenting on it.

“Tell me, have you ever had sex before?”

“Isn’t that what you’re here to find out?” I asked.

“Yes, but I’d like to see if you’re lying to me as well as to your parents.”

“Well, I’m not. Despite what Mom and Dad think, I’ve never done anything with any boy, no matter how much I wanted to.”

“That’s a shame. A girl your age should be allowed to experience everything life has to offer.”

He bent down to his bag and began taking out tools, saying they were going inside of me as part of the examination. I winced when I saw some of them. They seemed too long and thick to fit.

“First, I’m going to examine you manually,” the doctor said. “I’ll need to make sure that you’re lubricated so the instruments would fit inside of you.”

His gloved fingers moved up the inside of my thighs, making me grab handfuls of my sheets to keep from crying out in pleasure. He circled my clit, seeming to stroke it and send electricity shooting out from it.

“This is… part of the exam?” I gasped.

“This is a somewhat unusual exam,” he said, as if that explained it. I gasped as a finger probed inside of me, pressing around in different places, even behind my clit. Powerful jolts shook my body.

“I’m afraid you’re still not producing enough lubrication,” he said. He slipped another finger inside of me and I held onto my bed. This was what I wanted from Eric the night before, but I doubt he ever could have touched me in this way.

“Oh really? What do we do then?” I asked.

“There is one way I think you’ll find agreeable.” His face was so close to my pussy that his breath whispered across it. In its tender state, it made me want to scream.

“Do it then,” I said.

Man, this is a good one. Look for it next week!

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New Release: The Hotwife And The Boss

Here we go, one hot and delicious bundle coming right up! Check out the blurb:

Get it here, three hot stories of three good wives being bad with their husbands’ bosses. They’re being used, they’re being dirty, and they love every second of it. They might not want to admit it at first, but being with a handsome stranger is everything they ever wanted.

Join the fun.

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Teaser: The Hotwife and the Boss

Another bundle already? Well, they’re packed full of hotness. Just check out this juicy bit:

There was a town car out front waiting for him, from the company’s car service, she assumed. He opened the door for her and then slid in next to her, his hand resting on her knee as she ordered the driver to take them to one of the most expensive restaurants in town. Emily dressed nicely in preparation for today’s events, but she felt out of place among all the thousand dollar suits.

He told her to order whatever she liked and she opted for the stuffed sole. Dalton made small talk while they waited for their food, making  it obvious that he was interested in her even though (or perhaps because) she mentioned that she was married.

“So when are you going to tell me what this is all about?” he said.

Emily nearly dropped her fork. “W-what do you mean?”

“Come now. It was such a performance. You didn’t honestly expect me to fall for it, did you? So what brought this on? Why are you planning on seducing me?”

She sighed. Lying wasn’t her thing.

“The truth is that my husband and I were in your house Monday. He was there to pick up some documents from your office and he brought me along to give me a taste of the rich life. I was stupid. I picked up a glass and dropped it. It didn’t break, but there was a crack in it and I came to fuck you and pretend I broke it now.”

Her cheeks were a scorching red. But Dalton just sat there, calmly considering what she said. Then, after he finished his entree, he leaned in close to her.

“Meet me in the back,” he said.

She stared in disbelief as he stood and walked through the restaurant towards the bathroom. Was he serious or was it some kind of test. If it was, she had no idea how to pass. All she could do was what she came there to do.

She made her way to the back and searched for him outside the bathroom, but he was nowhere to be seen. Then as she passed a supply closet, an arm reached out and pulled her inside in a tight grip there was no escaping.

“Let’s see if you’re worth it,” he whispered in her ear.

She heard him unzip his fly and bent down in front of him. It was too dark for her to get a good look at it, but when she wrapped her hands around it she couldn’t believe how thick it was. Her pussy started tingling with pleasure. She was really going to do this.

She slid her tongue up his cock all the way to his balls and then back down to the head. She sucked it into her mouth, hungrily slurping up the dribbles of pre-cum. She bobbed up and down on his cock, but he grabbed her head, wanting her to take him deeper. Emily wasn’t sure she could do it, but she was determined to try.

He plunged in all the way to the back of her throat, adjusted himself, then managed to go down even further. She gagged, unable to breathe, but he held it there until she started to see flashes in her eyes. A powerful thrill went through her body, then he adjusted himself and let her get in some air. But he wasn’t done yet.

There’s a whole lot more where that come from. Or maybe I should say hole?

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New Release: The Interview

Things are about to get wild in here! This is definitely one hot interview:

Molly would do anything for a job at Elliot Price’s company–and it looks like she’s going to have to prove it. She doesn’t consider herself that type of girl, but if she wants to work for him, she’s going to have to get on her knees and prove it. And this is only the beginning. He has so much more in mind for her.

This story is full of multiples, gangbangs, and lots of hot dirty fun. Hope you enjoy.

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Teaser: The Job Interview

I feel like I was extra naughty with this one. Just having one of those days,  I guess. One of those awesome, horny days. Anyway, check out this sneak peek:

It didn’t help that I kept picturing Elliot Price without his clothes on. He would have a solid physique, a six-pack on his stomach, every muscle well defined. When my mind got below the waist, I had to pinch myself before I fainted.

“I’m willing to do anything,” I said to him. He smirked a little at that and I wondered if he was having the same dirty thoughts. No, of course not. That idea was ridiculous.

“From your résumé, it seems like you’re overqualified for this position. You have an MBA after all. I would think you would want something with more promise.”

“While that’s true, I would also like a job at a place where I can watch one of the best companies in the world in action.”

“And you think the best place to do that is as a secretary?”

Beads of sweat popped up on my forehead. I hoped they were too small for him to notice.

“For now, yes. It’s a paying job instead of an unpaid internship, and I think I’d learn a lot from working for you in any capacity.”

I had rehearsed it so many times in my head. It wasn’t until I said it out loud that it seemed weak, desperate even. And worse, Mr. Price seemed to think the same thing.

“I’m afraid this position isn’t the best for you to do that,” he said. “While I don’t need someone willing to dedicate their entire life to the job, I don’t want a girl who’s going to leave the second a better position opens up. I need someone willing to commit.”

“But I am!”

“I strongly doubt that. Thank you for coming in. I wish you luck in finding something more appropriate.”

Damn it, what was I going to do? All those girls who entered before me with their low-cut tops and skirts that barely covered their asses. They all seemed to receive a satisfying answer.

If I was going to change his mind, I would have to do it like one of them. Dear lord, how was I supposed to do this?

“I don’t know why you don’t think I want to be here,” I said. “There’s more than one reason I chose this job. When I saw it was for you, I couldn’t resist.”

He finally looked up from the monitor he had been staring at all through the interview and really saw me for the first time. I doubt I impressed him much, with my conservative, covering everything clothes. But still his gaze sharpened as he looked at me.

“I saw all those girls out there,” I went on. “I couldn’t help but think how much more attractive than me they were. But I bet they’re all talk and no action. I’m not.”

“Oh really?” he said.

“I’ll do anything you want. I’m here at your command.”

Elliot leaned back in his chair, considering me. I couldn’t tell what was going through his head and wondered if he was getting ready to call security to toss me out on my ass. Then he got to his feet and came around the desk to face me. The front of his pants was jutting out with a massive erection. I couldn’t believe it was for me.

“Get on your knees,” he said, unzipping his fly.

It gets sooooo much better from there. Check it out next week, because it is delicious.

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New Release: The Boss

Here we go! Let’s have some hot, dirty fun:

Leah has always tried to be a good wife. But when her husband takes her to a club and she discovers that she’s supposed to be part of a wife swap, she’s having none of it. She tries to flee, but she’s already caught the eye of her husband’s boss, and Leah can’t turn down the intense, attractive billionaire.

It’s all so wrong. So why does it feel so good?

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Teaser: The Boss

Here’s another hot  one for you!

“Going so soon?” he said. He eyed Leah. “I hope you’re not keeping such a delicious treat from us.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Paul said. “In fact, she was hoping that you’d be the one to take her home for the night.” She whirled on him, eyes wide with alarm, but he just chuckled. “She’s so shy. It’s why I always have to be the one to decide things for her.”

She tightened her hold on his arm into a death grip, but he remained impassive. She knew he was playing a part, pretending to be some billionaire playboy so he wouldn’t get busted. She saw it in his eyes when he looked at her, silently pleading. But that didn’t mean she liked it. How far was she expected to take this?

“She is a delightful morsel. So sweetly innocent. She looks like she’s never been in this sort of place before.”

Paul laughed as if the very idea was absurd.

“So what do you say, Michael? You busy tonight?”

“Actually, I am.”

Leah breathed a sigh of relief.

“But I’m sure I can find time for her.”

Her entire body went numb. Paul acted delighted, kissing her on the neck and telling her it was her lucky night. Her eyes pled with him to get her out of it, but he handed her over. As she walked off with Michael Bennet, she looked back. Paul mouthed “Please” to her.

If she said no, they would be discovered, He’d get fired and they’d be stuck with just a teacher’s salary to cover all their bills. She had no choice. She had to go home with him. And she had the sneaking suspicion that her husband wanted it this way.

Michael led her out to a waiting limo, the driver bowing his head towards them as they got inside. It was lavish, with a mini bar on one side and a long couch on the other. Michael moved over to it, rubbing the seat next to him in an invitation.

“No need to be so skittish,” he said. “Don’t you want to be here?”

“Of course I do.” And it wasn’t entirely a lie. She liked having this strong, powerful man looking at her like he wanted to devour her.

Her breath began to quicken and there was an excited tingle in her pussy as he kissed her, moving from her lips to her face to her neck.

He pulled her onto his lap, roughly shoving her skirt up with one hand while the other explored underneath her top, finding one breast and giving it a squeeze that made her shiver. His fingers found her moist, dripping pussy, tracing outside her clit, sending electric bolts shooting through her body.

As always, it will be available next week. There’s a lot more hotness where this came from, so be sure to check it out!

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