Teaser: The Professor’s Punishment

I’ve got a really hot one today. Honestly, I had to take breaks while I was writing this because it got me so hot and bothered. Sometimes this job is tough! Have a look:

“What I’d really like is that tight little ass of yours,” he said.

“Fine by me. Just name the time and the place.”

The feet came down. His eyes were dark, staring deeply into mine.

“I don’t mean a one-time thing. I want you to be mine whenever and wherever I want for the rest of your duration here. You do what I want. You service me. If that’s unacceptable to you, then you can start packing your things because you’ll be out of here before the semester is out.”

There was no way out of this for me. I bit my lip, wishing I could tell him to go to hell and take my chances. But my father was already sick of putting up with my DUIs and using his credit card without his permission. If I got kicked out of college…

“Well?” Professor Heywood asked.

“Fine,” I said. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

A wide grin spread across his face. “Oh, this is going to be fun.”

Furious, I grabbed my bag and got up to leave.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he said.

“What, it starts now?”

“You’re damn right it does. You need to be punished for cheating on my exam.”

“Whatever,” I said.

His eyes flashed again. I shifted, suddenly feeling like I was in trouble.

“Get up,” he ordered.

“I’m already standing.”

“No. Onto the desk.”

Rolling my eyes, I did as he said. I was up high enough that he could probably see what my panties looked like. I was just glad I decided to wear some today.

“Now what?” I asked.

“Now,” he said, “you are going to take of your shirt. And your skirt. And any underwear. And you will stand on my desk and wait for me to get back from my meeting. Don’t worry. It should only be about twenty minutes.”

I hesitated of course, and he snapped at me to hurry up. I pulled off my clothes, my face flushing red. Not that I had a bad body or anything. I was thin with a nice rack and a sweet ass. But to just be standing there like I was on display. Humiliating. Which I was sure was the point.

One of his hands caressed my ass. “I’ll be back. And don’t bother moving. My laptop is recording everything.”

I so love this one. Get ready, it’ll be here on Tuesday.

New Release: Looking For A Good Time

OMG! It’s finally here! My latest bundle, twelve delicious stories for an even more delicious price. Check out the blurb:

Bundled here together are twelve exquisit stories. They’re hot, they’re sweet, they’re a (wet) dream come true

There are medical, billionaires, and hot professors. Something for every taste. Plus a never before published story exclusive to the collection.

Get it now. Your good time is here.

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Teaser: Looking For A Good Time

OMG such news. Because it’s my birthday, I’m releasing a new mega-bundle! That’s eleven stories bundled together for an ultra low price. PLUS a bonus, never before released story all for you!

Here’s a taste of that extra story, MY SUMMER INTERNSHIP:

One of his hands rested high on my leg. My pussy was already warm. There was no way I was saying no.

I leaned over and kissed him, my tongue darting into his mouth and dancing with his. He pulled me to my feet and pushed me up against the wall hard enough to make the room shake. The people down the hall, my dad included, must have heard the noise, but thankfully no one came to investigate. The last thing I wanted was him walking in the room while I was getting the fuck of my life.

I didn’t have to worry about him anymore. There was only this man, who I had just met, and his strong, rough hands pushing up my skirt to get to my pussy. He didn’t even let me take my panties off, just tore them away.

He kissed my neck, my shoulders, my chest. In one smooth motion he unzipped my dress and pulled it down so my tits spilled out. They were nicely sized, the nipples pink and erect. His tongue slid over one and made me shiver.

I grabbed his head. “Like that. Do it again.”

“Believe me, there will be lots more.”

He puckered his lips around my other nipple and sucked on it until I moaned. I never knew it could feel that good. Then he pulled me away from the wall and pushed me down on the bed. He spread my legs wide and dove in.

He nibbled up the inside of my thigh. Then he was at my pussy, his tongue circling around my clit. Waves of pleasure coursed through my body. No man had ever touched me in that way.

Woo! It’s getting steamy in here! Look out for this and more on Tuesday!

❤ Aurora

New Release: Hot Professor Bundle

Whoopsie. A bit late, isn’t it? But it’s finally here, and I’m so excited. It’s a bundle, too, so that’s three sizzling hot stories! Here’s the blurb:

Three hot stories with three hot teachers.

Hungry for an alpha male fantasy? Look no further. Bundled together are three sizzling stories featuring college students who want to earn their grades the fun way.

Everything here is as tasty as it gets. Come join in.

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Get it now while it’s hot!

Just kidding. It’s always going to be hot.

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Teaser For My Latest Bundle

I have a three pack of stories coming out! All the stories have been published before, but they’re cheaper when they’re bundled together like this. Or heck, maybe you just prefer to get more stories at once. Whatever turns you on!

I guess the teaser is technically already published, but maybe you haven’t read it before and just want a taste.

He smiled. God, he was gorgeous.

We kept driving. I was too lost in watching his face to pay attention to where we were going, and the next time I looked up I found we were pulling into the driveway of a gigantic house that had to belong to Professor Rogan. It was a beautiful place, colonial style, a huge back yard. I didn’t know how one person could live in such a big place by himself.

“Would you like to come in?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, proud of myself for not blushing. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. My parents would kill me if they knew.”

“Forget about them. If they would keep such a beautiful creature as yourself caged, they are fools.”

“It’s not so simple. They pay for my college. And they’re not exactly shy about reminding me of that. Well, my mom is. My dad prefers to remind me that he’ll kill any boy who touches me.”

“I’m certainly no boy.”

My shoulders slumped. “Maybe not, but… they’ve run my entire life. They’re not going to stop now.”

He leaned in close to me, his lips pressed against my ear. “Then we’ll have to make sure that they never find out.”

He took me by the hand and whisked me inside. I couldn’t believe it was happening, but he pulled me close and kissed me, my first ever. And it was good, like being on fire.

His hands were all over me, yanking my shirt up over my head and shoving my pants and my panties down to my ankles in one quick motion. Soon he had unhooked my bra and dropped it in the growing pile of clothes on the floor.

He took off his own clothes as he pushed me into the bedroom. The shirts he always left unbuttoned never even came close to showing the god-like physique underneath. His muscles were thick and perfect, not an ounce of fat on his lean, muscled frame. Then there was his cock. I never even imagined they could get so big. I was actually nervous wondering how it was supposed to fit inside of me.

He pushed me down on the bed, kissing me all over. His lips went further and further down, finding my breasts, delicately running around my nipple before running his tongue across it. I shivered, biting my lip. And he was only getting started.

He continued to go down and down until he pushed my legs apart and got to my pussy. His tongue found my clit, pressing down on it, rolling around. I writhed and moaned as fire built up inside of me. I had read things, listened to the stories Sarah told me, but I never imagined that it felt like this. No wonder she wanted the room to herself. I could barely hold in my cries.

“Oh, Professor…” I said.

He stopped briefly. “You can call me Adam.”

“Okay. Adam. But… don’t stop.”

“I don’t intend to.”

And there’s a lot more like it. It’ll be out on Tuesday. See you then!

❤ Aurora

Latest Release: Big Trouble

It’s out! And soooooo hot. Here’s the blurb:

Nineteen year old Bethany is in big trouble.

Her parents have finally allowed her to be home alone, so of course the first thing she did was throw a big party. What she didn’t anticipate was her hot, older neighbor finding out about it.

Now she has to keep him quiet, by any means necessary. And just maybe she’ll have a little fun along the way…

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Hope you love it as much as I do.

❤ Aurora

Teaser: Big Trouble

Want a taste of my latest story?

Something tapped me on the shoulder. It was Mr. Hale, holding a box of tissues. I took one and dabbed my eyes, hoping it wasn’t ruining my makeup.

“I certainly don’t want anything to happen to you,” he said. “But I’m not sure if I can lie to your parents.”

Now was my chance. I scooched closer to him, my leg pressed against his. My fingers grazed his upper thigh as I turned toward him.

“You don’t have to lie,” I said. “Just don’t tell them.”

I leaned toward him and took his hand in mine. I went closer and closer, until my breasts were pressed against his arms. And I felt his body respond to me.

“I’m cleaning up every bit of mess that was left behind. There’s no reason for them to know. About anything.”

Now I was completely up against him. One of my legs draped over his and I began undoing the buttons of his shirt.

“Bethany…” he said in a breathless voice.

“Come on. You can’t tell me you’re not interested.” I slid onto his lap, feeling the hardness of his erection under my ass. He wanted me all right.

And I wanted him. I was dripping wet, and every part of me ached to be touched. My parents kept me locked up for virtually my entire life. Now I was free and I intended to take advantage of that.

“I’m just not sure it would be appropriate,” he said.

“Who cares about appropriate? Just take me. Fuck me hard!”

I kissed him, one hand pulling his head to mine and the other exploring underneath his shirt. His chest was hard and muscled and I pulled back from his head so I could taste it. The scent of his aftershave filled my nose and drove me wild. I had never wanted anyone more in my entire life.

And it only gets better from there. It’ll be hot and ready for you next week!

❤ Aurora

Latest Release: The Hot Nurse

It’s out! And it’s soooo good.


Here’s the blurb:

Nurse Brianna is out of a job and desperate to find work. Then she hears about her dream job working with even dreamier doctors. It’s everything she ever wanted!

But the competition is fierce and if she wants the job, she’s going to have to give it everything she’s got to the doctors.

It’s humiliating, it’s exhilarating, it’s the hottest experience of her life! And there’s only more to come!

It’s available on these platforms:



Apple Books


❤ Aurora

Teaser: The Hot Nurse

I just finished up my latest story and of course I have to share.

THN Cover

At about four p.m., things were winding down for the day. I went into Doctor Pierce’s office to pick up his notes and found him in there with Bennet and Lambert. My pussy grew wet at the sight of the three of them.

“There she is,” Doctor Pierce said. “There was a cancelation, so we’re done for the day.” He walked up to me, and I saw that his cock was beginning to jut forward in his pants.

“Can you think of anything that we could do with this free time?” he said.

“I know a few things,” I murmured.

He slowly unzipped my dress, exposing one of my shoulders for Doctor Lambert to kiss. Then the white nursing uniform was puddled at my feet and he was working on my bra and my underwear. Soon I was completely naked.

“You’re even more delicious than I thought,” Doctor Lambert said. He pulled me over to him, his tongue working its way around my body…

Whew! And that’s only the beginning! After just writing it, I’m going to need an iceberg to cool off!

Have a fun weekend.

❤ Aurora